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How to choose a bridal lehenga for your shape

Posted on April 12 2017

There is no doubt to the fact that choosing a bridal wedding dress is one of the most important decisions an Indian girl has to make in her lifetime but even then there are many bride-to-be girls who end up making a wrong decision because they focus entirely on colors and cuts as seen on the models instead of knowing what would look good on their body shape. Now that’s a risky move.

Every girl has different body shape which means that if a Bridal Lehenga Choli with a turtle neck blouse is looking good on Deepika Padukone, it won’t necessarily look good on you.

Therefore to save your money and your big day we have outlined a guide for you so that you would know what type of wedding dress would look good on what body shape. Happy reading!

Bridal Lehenga Choli

Hourglass shape:

They say that anything looks good on you if you have an hourglass body shape but we beg to differ. There are certain cuts that don’t complement that type of figure such as longer cholis with shararas. So we suggest that you do not take a risk and instead focus on A-line lehenga made of fabric such as georgette, velvet or chiffon to give you that classic sheer flair. Pair this lehenga with a short fitted blouse that complements that waist of yours and you are good to go. Easy, wasn’t it?

Rectangle shape:

If you have a rectangle body type, then don’t worry that your Bridal Lehenga Choli would look off on you. The game is all about creating the right illusions of a curvy body. For that, you need to have lehenga made out of a stiff fabric such as raw silk. Try to have a wide skirt sort of a lehenga so that you end up with a lot of volume at the base of the lehenga. For the blouse, make sure that the neckline is low and plunging to highlight curves.

Top Heavy:

Many girls are utterly confused regarding the choice of wedding dress if they have a top heavy body shape, thinking that the traditional look won’t suit them at all and their day would be ruined. Well, we say that you ditch that traditional look and instead go for a layered one. By layers, we mean that you choose jacket lehenga in soft and sheer fabrics. Do not forget to keep the neckline wide, the more closed up that is, the wider you would look. Think about a Bridal Lehenga Choli with a stunning jacket. It would look totally mind-blowing.

Bottom Heavy:

Girls, if your problem area is your waist then we suggest that you opt for sharara with a long top till the hip. It will rightly accentuate your body without focusing more on the danger zone if you know what I mean. Moreover, if you are trying to experiment with a short top then go for sharara cut lehenga in sheer fabrics with frills at the bottom.

Here are the Tips - You Need to Know About Adding Volume to Your Lehenga.

If you take our above advice, we are 110% sure that you will look fabulous on your big day. Make the right choice for your bridal wear after reading this and thank us later.


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