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Does Color Matter while choosing a Wedding Lehenga?

Posted on November 15 2019

Spending time in choosing the bridal lehenga is worth its significance and importance in one’s life. After all, marriages are a one-time affair to be adored, cherished, and to be immersed when it comes to full-filling desires, pampering body, or tranquilizing your soul. Nothing has to be left to chance. It’s not the time when one could settle for less. Every moment has to be relished and cherished beyond limits bursting all boundaries.

When the occasion is one-time, then obviously, one has to go for the best without settling for the less. Panache is the designer from where no one has gone without buying one. Instead, the would-be brides go for three to four different lehengas, as every function and ritual matters, and the same couture will fade the vibrancy of the moment.

But, then how to finalize, which Lehenga suit’s the best on your body, face, skin tone, and prevailing market trends at the time of marriage besides your tradition, culture, and status. And till now, we have yet not touched your preference, taste, choice, emotions, identity, and desire of how to look in those auspicious moments when you are the centre stage with the entire world revolving around and ready to applause your every move.

Here, we are about to air-lift you out of this dilemma and to let you have the best Lehenga on the planet, which suits you the most and the occasion as per your nature, Style, and long-cherished imaginations one starts building since childhood.

There are ample choices to select from Monotone lehengas to Multi-colored lehengas, from ethnic ones to the contemporary ones, from Bollywood trends to Hollywood trends and from stitching to fitness. Sporting with lehengas is real fun to select from, that exclusively uplifts your gestures, elevate your beauty, enhance your emotions, and add grace to your feminine charm while maintaining your identity and showcasing your Style. Everything counts. It’s time to slay the world.

Here, are the trending Lehengas for wedding ceremonies-

1) Monochrome Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga

a) Red is the most-favoured, selected, and wore at the time of the wedding. The ambiguity arises when the time comes to choose either the red or the pink or the marron. A monochromatic designer lehenga is the best choice when the desire is to project a royal choice with a queen’s look.

b) The Blue is the new entrant and has already made its debut. Besides, Royal, desire is to look wealthy and noble. It is preferred, though it is yet to become the first choice among the brides. It adds to the charm and unleashes the elegance on the ramp as well as at weddings. The blue exudes sophistication with a classy look. Blue is also picked the most for wedding performance to add that extra glam.

2) Multicolour Lehengas

Multicolour Weddeing Lehenga

With evolving trends, brides are sporting with multicolor lehengas too as they go with all couture, no matter whatever color are the cholis. They go with all.

3) Double-Color Lehengas

Double shaded ombre lehenga

a) Colored Lehengas
Color lehengas are picking fast and are often selected to give a different look than the contemporary, and they are commonly referred to create a class of its own and flaunt your Style, who cares about the trends, or what’s in fashion. They create their impressions.

b) Fluorescent Hues

Fluroscent Lehengas
Fluorescent hues are catching trends, though slowly but steadily. The golden, peach, sea green, and many others are making rounds.

c) Splendid Shades
Shades work best with brilliant skin and an amazing affordable skin tone. Glorious shades lehengas are available in varied hues and tones as per one’s skin tone.

d) Dark Shades
Glorious shadowy skin tone the dark shade Lehengas make the mark. The best to meet the trend here is of Maroon color, and in case it’s not your choice, then magenta, pastel, or other dark shades fit the best.

4) Different Style

The Style itself makes the difference. What is important is your torso, not the Lehenga. A wrong style lehenga can spoil the entire look, rest aside the color, shade, embellishments, embroidery, and all other rich and luxurious features. One has to be precise while picking from A-line lehenga; fish cut lehenga, multitier Lehenga, or some different traditional flared lehenga.

• Multitier Lehenga: It’s the most prevailing trend for the bride with an extravagant taste that comes with layers heavily embellished borders and simple pleats to make it more magnificent and grandiose. When paired with off-shoulder or backless choli, it simply spellbinds the world.

• Floral Fantasy: For ballroom style weddings, it’s best to flaunt the floral patterns with floral embroidery in flowery applique patterns finished with silver and gold metal threads, beads, and pearls. And, if it’s in pink or pastel, it’s simply exquisite.

Floral Lehengas

• Long trail Lehenga: Add to your fairy tale eques and princess look while adding to drama on arrival with a long trail Lehenga in excellent zardozi work that adds the extra zing in those special moments.

Conclusion – Lavishly designed, intricately embroidered Designer Lehengas, with lots of embellishments, are raising the hotness and tilting the balance of Style and trend. With the introduction of luxury fabrics and vivacious colors, the luxurious look is adding to the contemporary and traditional lehengas. Everything counts from identity to style, from torso to skin tone and from culture to tradition. What matters is the elegant, stunning, and awesome look to be like an ethereal princess straight out of a fairy tale.

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