An Insight in the Modern Looks of a Saree January 13 2017

Whenever we think of a traditional Indian woman, someone wearing a saree with a gesture of saying ‘Namaste’ comes in mind, isn't it? The long and unstitched piece of garments makes you elegant, agile and classy all at the same time. Yes, we are talking about saree. The Indus Valley Civilization flourished way back in 2800 to 1800 BC and that's the time when saree was worn by women first. Since then this timeless and graceful outfit has become an integral part of clothing line for women in South Asian region. As time passed, saree has established its place in the clothing line arena globally with its beauty and uniqueness. A lot of ladies from western countries gladly use the vibrant and traditional dresses like designer sarees, as an outfit.

When it comes to the South Asian region, saree still rules here considering the tendency of wearing western dresses like jeans, tops etc. has increased to a certain extent for some time now. Sarees has a special place in the heart of women. They have the privilege to collect the best variety of Designer Sarees Online these days. The designer’s sarees are considered as the most eye-catching sarees for women as it provides them amazing overall look, even for the western women. The females across the whole world now love to decorate themselves with this stylish outfit as it offers real conventional looks in a gorgeous way.

Modern girls seem to be more gorgeous wearing sarees with bright colors especially in the summer season for all sorts of parties. You can get these shining and different colors of Party Wear Sarees Online as well beside the general marketplaces.

Different Ways to Wear Traditional Sarees

As there is a vast range of variety in India in terms of region, language, culture, tradition, religion, lifestyle, it's none different when it comes to dresses. Although sarees are worn by women all across in India, but it differs in style of wearing according to the difference of region or culture. Some of the most common and popular ways of draping traditional sarees are following.

Nivi Style: This is probably the most widely worn style among the ladies and it really makes them prettier once draped perfectly. Tuck one end of the sarees into the petticoat then rotate the saree 360 degrees around the skirt, the saree will be bunched neatly into pleats and the rest will be draped across the chest to hang the pallu elegantly around the shoulder.  

Bengali Style: There are no pleats in the Bengali style. Before draping the saree over the shoulder fold it from the right to left in front of shoulder couple of times. The length of pallu would be much longer than the other style as it will be taken from the front of the other shoulder also. 

Kerala/Malayali Style: A two-piece saree is highly popular and worn in the southern Kerala. Most of the time these sarees are white in color with golden stripes all over it or only in the border. It is called “SettuMundu” or “Set Mundu” by the local people over there. 

Gujarati Style: Women from the western state of Gujrat apply this style while wearing a saree. They tuck the pleats into the petticoat similarly to the 'Nivi Style' then take the loose end from the back. Drape across the right shoulder then pull across to cover the back. 

Apart from these traditional styles, there are some modern looks off late that can make you elegant, gorgeous, sexy and trendy at the same time. To bring a modern look with wearing sarees you can try ‘lehenga saree’, ‘saree gowns’, ‘drape sarees’ etc. wearing these types of modern style sarees will bring some serious beauty in you. And you can get Designer Sari Online of these trendy outfits as well as in the shops in market.

Modern Looks of Sarees

Since sarees are among the top selection for any sort of functions and occasion even in today's western lifestyle, the designers had their work cut out on this and they have done a fabulous job to provide different modern looks to sarees. The modern looks of sarees are highly appreciated and are recognized internationally. Some of the widely worn sarees that provide a modern look are- lehenga saree, saree gowns, drape sarees.

Lehenga Saree: Not too long ago lehenga sarees have been introduced to the fashion world. It drew a serious attention from a girl to mid-age lady and became trendy in no time. Lehenga style sarees are basically a blend of a traditional saree and lehenga choli. It is very easy to wear, doesn't takes a lot of time to wear as there is no requirement of forming pleats. One can just tuck and drape to look fab wearing this type of sarees. There are a plenty of Indian Designer Boutique Online to provide lehenga sarees.

Saree Gown: This is more of a fusional outfit than traditional. A taste of western gown is composed with the traditional Indian sarees in a saree gown. You can wear a saree gown in any sort of parties and wedding functions. It will provide you a traditional vibe and a western sense of fashion at the same time. The trend of saree gown first seen in the 90's. But slowly and steadily it faded away with time and now is back with a huge acceptance. These sorts of dress are also known as Indo Western Gown. Different types of Party Wear Sarees Online are available in a shape of saree gown.

Things to keep in Mind While Wearing a Saree and Look Trendy

Try to avoid casual platform heels or wedges with a saree. Flat sandals and slippers also spoil your looks. So, instead, all of these go for high heels and stilettos. It will make you look taller and slim at the same time. 

Don’t put a lot of jewelry on your body in any sort of occasion. It will surely draw the attention of people towards you, but not in a positive manner. Try to wear some simple and light jewelers that fit the color of your saree and your personality. 

Keep occasion in mind. You can’t attend a funeral wearing a scarlet saree. Be careful to the blouse. Give the exact fitting measurement that suits your body while ordering for a blouse. Otherwise, both tight and loose fitting blouse can ruin all your effort and desire to look beautiful wearing a saree.

Don’t go for too many experiments in the important occasions like wedding or any other important eve. Consider the quality of fabric and your comfort when you go outside for a long time wearing a saree.

Anarkali (Kalidaar) Suits Online January 13 2017

Origin of the word Anarkali:

Anarkali was originated from a Mughal time dancer "Anarkali" who used to dance at Mughal Darbar (King’s Palace). Later on she was buried alive for having affair with Prince Jahangir. At that time the dresses which these dancers used to wear were called Mujra dresses and after that these dresses are being called as Anarkali (Kalidaar) dresses in remembrance of Anarkali the famous beautiful dancer and a lover.

Anarkali (Kalidar) is a type of suit which is mostly worn by Indian women. It is comprised of a long top which looks like a skirt with flayers at bottom. Trend of Anarkali suits in India is very common among women. There are numbers of fabrics available for anarkali (Kalidaar) like cotton, silk, Georgette, satin, net and much more. Net is the most popular fabric due to its softness and light weight. Net anarkali suits come up with cotton or satin inners with lycra or cotton churridar. Anarkali suits are widely available online also.

These days digital printed anarkali’s are in trend which gives really stunning look. These digital printed anarkali suits have expanding demand in Western countries also. Lots of people used to buy anarkali suits online from India. Before you buy a anarkali suit online you should do thoroughly research about product. Some websites sell the anarkali suits in very cheaper quality. So you should talk to their customer service representative before buying online. If you satisfied with the customer care executive only then you should go ahead to avoid the disappointment.

Anarkali suits and dresses in India are worn on wedding day as well as on daily basis also. There are different types of designs are available for anarkali suits online to suits the occasion and taste of the buyer. Party wear and wedding anarkali suits mostly have the embroideries on the full frock while on casual anarkali suits can be printed or with less embroidery. There are tons of designs and varieties available for Anarkali suits and dresses in India and online too.

Indian women which are settled in overseas still have passion for ethnic dresses like Anarkali suits which are extremely beautify their personality. Anarkali suits and dresses in India are the biggest example of comeback of a vintage fashion which silhouettes best feminine look that make it popular among women. Undoubtedly Anarkali dresses are the best outfit for an ideal women.


Ravneet Kaur

Panache Haute Couture

Difference between Computerized and Hand Embroidery January 10 2017

Making anything with our hands is different in many aspects from making things using tools or machines. Both the methods have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. There are certain things to consider before choosing the technique of embroidery on anything important you are up to.

Being a pretty lady, indeed it is very important for you to make yourself look really prettier by putting a well-made, gorgeous dress. Different types and class of Indian Designer Boutique are there for you presenting Party Wear Lehenga Choli, Kameez and more. Embroidery perhaps is the most important part to keep in mind for most of the ladies while buying those sorts of dresses, and rightly. So the design, color, shades, contrast, threads etc. of each embroidered patch comes into consideration to look fabulous when you wear the dress.

Which color should you buy or which thread should be used in embroideries to make it look lovely and long lasting? These opinions demand a deep conversation while that is not our main goal today, rather we would like to assist you with a different yet highly important aspect of embroidery. To be precise and make things simple, we will be highlighting some vital aspects about the two different kinds of Embroideries, 'Handmade Embroidery' and 'Computerized Embroidery'.

Difference between Handmade Embroidery and Computerized Embroidery

The basic difference between handmade and computerized embroidery is the embroidery stitching process. A variety of unique stitching styles, in terms of the thickness of different threads are available for Handmade Embroidery, while computerized embroidery doesn't allow that variety. Every step of stitching of computerized embroidery is premeditated.

Hand embroidery has its own beauty and attraction which is preferred by most of the girls. Computerized machines help you create embroidery quickly and reduce costs. However, hand-embroidery designs are the traditional ways that individuals choose as it allows their creativeness to flow and they can create their own designs.

Computerized Embroidery and Handmade Embroidery

The use of machines makes you reliant on them and these machines have their boundaries. Many designs are inbuilt within the computer, so the user's creativeness can't be applied. That means you cannot enhance or change the designs to fit your own choices on something you are working on. You should have technical knowledge if you want to create your own designs. Computerized embroidery machines are expensive too.

Hand embroidery, on the other hand, always looks fresh and alive as it is made with personal touch and desire of the artist. The hand embroiders master their skill diligently to craft a design and that's what it makes the work special. Each of the hand-made embroideries gives a unique appearance even with the same design and materials because these artists are allowed to use their flair to choose different colors and stitches. Computerized embroidery will give you a robotic feel in the terms of appearance.  It looks like just a print for all the copies. The same stitches, same color, no uniqueness, all of them are fully identical. 

Another technical difference between these two types of embroidery is, you can use pure silk thread for hand-made embroidery, but since the silk threads break too easily in machines, you can't use them for computerized embroideries. Polyester, metallic, or rayon threads are mostly used for computerized embroidery instead.

When it comes to spotting whether embroidery is hand-made or computerized, there's a very simple way to determine. Take any embroidery work and look at the back of it. If the back of the canvas looks irregular and loose, then it is hand embroidered. The knots of hand-made embroidery can be felt easily. While computerized embroidery will have the opposite attributes. The back of its canvas will be firmer and tight with the pasting. 

Final Words

Computerized embroidery has gained a fast reputation as it reduces efforts and saves time and is cost-effective too. You can get pre-designed Party Wear Lehenga, Kameez or kurta from any good boutique if you want to attend any party on an urgent basis. There is a lot of eminent Indian Designer Boutique all across the country. However, the experts commonly suggest selecting the hand embroidery designs.

Regardless of what kind of embroidering you choose, hand embroidery designs provide you with a lot of confidence and satisfaction as the patterns and designs will be yours. They will allow you to be innovative and let your creativity go crazy.

Designer Wedding Lehenga: An Actual Need or a Status Symbol January 04 2017

The Indian subcontinent is famous for its excellent wedding ceremonies. These beautiful ceremonies reveal customs, rich traditions, and cultural heritage. Females are certainly the most integral portion of these events as they are the ones who enjoy these events the most. As every event requires special dresses, it applies to the wedding ceremony also. The most favored dress for this event could be Bridal Lehenga Choli. These are highly popular due to the fact these offer beautiful looks to the women wearing them. The most significant part of these dresses is handcrafted embroidery. The designers provide attractive designs that are made from the products like sequins, stones, and beads. The artists use these things to make amazing elements along the motifs and on the other areas of the dress. The embroidery designs are very effective in enhancing the charm of the collections.

Delicately stitched heavy long Lehengas joined up with a choli is turning into the ultimate choice of today's wedding brides. The release of lively colors and magnificent fabrics add a rich feel wearing the Subcontinental Lehengas. There is a variety of Indian Designer Boutique available, as they provide all types of Lehenga both in the online and conventional market.

For the best look, you can get a Lehenga Choli that is a fusion of different fabrics such as velvet, satin, net or silk. To add charm to the overall outfit, wear different colors such as maroon and gold, burgundy and silver, and white, blue and copper and, gold, green and silver, among others.

maroon colour raw silk lehenga choli

Designer Lehenga Compared to the Replicated Lehenga

Long cholis are among the coolest difference well-liked by all subcontinental women as well as designers are nowadays. These Lehengas are perfect for any year and give you a different look in comparison to frequent choli designs. These are a tremendous choice for events for example engagement and mehndi events.

When seeing the beauty and attraction designer Lehengas, we see they are very costly comparatively to the normal Lehengas. Normal Lehengas are low cost and you can find them in many gorgeous colors prepare with excellent fabrics. The cut-patch work plays an important part in the designing of a normal collection. The designers use these in to offer a modern touch to their collections. The innovative cuts are supplied so that the collections get the stunning touch. The colors also play an important part in the designing of normal Lehenga collections.

The designers offer their collections in appealing designs, shades, and color to help make their collections flawless and attractive.

Raw silk blue colour lehenga choli

An Interesting Thing to notice About Lehenga

It is about the Provider or manufacturer of Lehengas. In an overall consideration, there are two sources of Lehengas where we can get it from. One is well-known and mostly recommended Designer Lehenga Choli Online and offline both, and the other is the general tailors or garment producer.

The designer’s Lehengas are very high in demand because of their great quality, looks, and brand. While there is possibility for the replicated/normal Lehengas to come up with a high quality in terms of look, style etc.

A designer Lehenga costs about $4,000-$25,000. There is no doubt this is quite a budget for most girls who belong to a middle class family. In a word, the designer’s Lehengas are meant to be mostly for people belong to the upper class in terms of financial condition and they need to think about where they have to spend the money. The expensive Designer Lehenga is not a choice for medium sized families. There are lots of replicated designer lehengas available in the market to choose from at a genuine price range in between $1000-$4000. Wedding is one-time event and even you can’t use the same lehenga for other functions due to variety issues these days. So, there is no point to buy expensive lehengas for just a game of a few hours. But yes there are some families who don’t care about money and the wedding outfits too are the status symbol for them.

Expensive designer lehengas don’t really mean that you will get an amazing lehenga with top quality fabrics and embroidery. In some cases, replicated lehengas are better than the designers’ lehengas in terms of quality and embroidery too. Every person who deals with replicated work would try to give you more beautiful outfits than the designers’ so that he can satisfy you with a price around 10 times cheaper.

Hence, the bottom line is that Designer’s Lehengas have turned out to be pretty much a status symbol for a certain class of people. However, girls, regardless of any class, can look as gorgeous as anyone spending a lot less than what it takes for a designer Lehenga.    

Tarun Tahiliani The Famous Indian Fashion Designer September 12 2014

Tarun Tahiliani founded his design studio in 1990. His distinctive signature has since evolved as a fusion of textile detail, refined luxury, and meticulous tailoring. The Tarun Tahiliani Design Studio creates couture, diffusion and prêt-a-porter which are Indian in their sensibility, yet international in their appeal. The rich heritage of the subcontinent is reinvented as contemporary high fashion through the genius of Indian craftsmanship and the finest textiles; along with Italian pattern cutting and construction and new technologies such as digital textile printing. His unique combination of historical opulence and contemporary chic also lend themselves to couture.

Tahiliani who has a degree in Business Management from the Wharton School of Business, opened India's first multi designer boutique, Ensemble. In 1991 he received an associate degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. He is the first Indian designer to be invited to showcase at the Milan Fashion Week.

Manish Malhotra The Most Celebrated Designer of India September 12 2014

MANISH MALHOTRA is one of the most celebrated designers in the country and influential personality whose designs reflect the contemporary India.

He is known for his color storytelling and glamorized intricate craftsmanship. Born in Mumbai in 1966. Manish’s journey to the top has been one of a kind. From his inherent fascination for movies, glamour and color to creating a niche for himself as a Bollywood stylist/ Costume Designer and to now being one of the most influential designer’s in the country, Manish created an inimitable path to success.

A self-taught designer, his career started with a Mumbai-based boutique. Simultaneously, he pursued his dream as a Costume designer for the movies, and thus the struggle began. He introduced ‘styling’ in Bollywood as we know it today, a visionary involved in not just creating the clothes but developing the character and working on every part of the look.

His ability to envision a look for the character, true-to life yet creative got him much recognition. Manish marked his first milestone in Styling with the first ever Filmfare award for Costume designing for RANGEELA in 1990. Thus began his endeavor in styling.

Manish Malhotra Fashion Show     Manish Malhotra Fashion Show
He received widespread recognition and one of the many opportunities that came his way led him to be the first Costume Designer to start Reverie, a fashion store in collaboration with the esteemed Birla family. He later moved on to helming one of the most popular Design studios of that time.

Having struck the crucial balance between styling and designing, MANISH MALHOTRA launched his eponymous label in 2005. Over the years the brand has created a niche for it itself and crafted a successful journey that spans over 9 years. Today, the brand has made its mark across the globe – London, Dubai, New York, Canada, Riyadh and many more. He has also styled world renowned personalities like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Late Micheal Jackson, and Kylie Minogue.

Manish Malhotra as a label has also collaborated with The Mijwan Welfare Society that works to elevate the craft and transform the lives of women in Mijwan, a small town in Uttar Pradesh with their intricate hand crafted Chikankari. Another significant collaboration has been with the work of Kashmiri artisans with Kashmiri thread and zari work – an art form which is now synonymous with his label.

The brand has undergone a metamorphosis in the last 5 years to highlight the craftsmanship and explore different avenues. Today, the brand on an average is growing 30% every year. The last two years have been path breaking– with an exquisitely-designed, two-storied store spread across 6000 sq.ft in Mumbai and a 9000 sq. ft. store in a Haveli marking his first stand-alone presence in Delhi. Beginning the year with his Luxe collection Manish Malhotra showcased a new side to his designing sensibility.

Bridal wear Tips December 10 2013

What is traditional attire for an all out Bengali bride in Kolkata? Has this changed over the years? Are modern brides going for a more contemporary look?

The traditional attire for Bengali brides is a white saree with a red broad border,its a plain saree with a stark red border. the saree is draped in the "BENGALI STYLE".

Over the years the traditional outfit has changed though, brides prefer wearing embroidered red or colorful saree with lot of tanking on it. Brides prefer being more loud and bold than being simple. Modern brides are going for a more contemporary look rather than sticking to their traditional values.


Is the 'designer wear' culture a part of the city, apart from Sabyasachi who is a well known Kolkata designer, are there any other names that you could list for bridal wear?

Nowadays clients look at value for money with the quality aspect. 'Designer wear' culture is a part of every city, be it Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata etc but the only difference is women are looking at viable ensemble so the they can take out the worth of it. There are lot of designers dealing with couture line.

At Panache Haute Couture we hear the bride,know the bride and then keeping in mind her requirements a bridal outfit is customized. A lot of emphasis is laid on the the client's body type to make sure that she can carry off the bridal outfit very gracefully. For us FIT AND FALL of the outfit is very is the key factor. The only policy which is important for us is client's satisfaction.

Is it a good idea for brides to visit different cities to select their outfits and shop for their trousseau?

Visiting other cities for trousseau enables us to get variety in our shopping. It's very important to have a blend of culture in your outfit to break the monotony, so its very good to be experimental with your sense of styling.

Lastly any tips for brides for their trousseau shopping?

Experiment with a variety of designers rather than sticking to one designer, this will help the bride to get more style,different cuts and different look. With us we have a entire range for anarkali, draped gowns, capes, palazzo, sarees with jacket etc which can complete your trousseau shopping.

What should I wear on my Best friend's marriage? December 05 2013

Weddings are the perfect Indian festival – traditional, fun, colourful and joyous! And when someone you’re really close to is getting married…well, nothing can top that!

So, your best friend is getting married. You’re the bridesmaid. Besides helping and aiding her on the big day, you can also help her look fabulous. Planning is never underrated - we suggest that all the bridesmaids wear colours from the same colour family – the bride can either choose to contrast it or match it – either way, you (and the photos) will look absolutely gorgeous!

The bridesmaid has to look spectacular but should never overshadow the bride! To avoid such fashion faux pas, Panache suggests strong colours in rich fabrics such as raw silk and velvet. Wear simpler ensembles with stunning colour contrasts and dramatic silhouettes. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll also enjoy the wedding fully unburdened!

Pair a chic chiffon sari with a corset – you’ll immediately stand out from the rest. Experiment with draping styles – pleating the sari around the side instead of the front? Why not! Indulge in sheer lehengas – they look gorgeous and are perfect for dancing the night away...


Contemporary ethnic wear gains popularity in India December 04 2013

Contemporary ethnic wear or Indo-western wear – a more relaxed, contemporary and modified take on traditional Indian outfits – is gaining popularity among India’s youth. With an impressive line up of clothing meant for different purposes and occasions, the contemporary ethnic wear brands are dominating the retail scene in pretty much all the metros and tier II cities today.


Nowadays, people prefer to dress according to different occasions, so dressing is no more restricted to just shirts, trousers or suits. We have ethnic formal, casual and occasion wear and there is a good percentage of consumption in each and every sub category. These sub categories cater to various kinds of requirements, for example formal and casual can be worn both at work and home and the heavier ones at occasions like festivals and weddings.

Our country has always maintained a parallel wardrobe of its classics because they are more colourful, in sync with the climatic and cultural conditions of the traditional Indian society, and definitely more flattering to the Indian figures as compared to western outfits.


Shahrukh Khan, Rekha, Big B at Vishesh Bhatt's Wedding December 01 2013

Bollywood Online November 28 2013

Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; however, it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes other production centres producing films in multiple languages. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world.

Bollywood is also formally referred to as Hindi cinema. There has been a growing presence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well. It is common to see films that feature dialogue with English words (also known as , phrases, or even whole sentences.

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Anarkali Suits November 27 2013

An Anarkali Salwar Suit is a combination of a long [[kurta]] and bottoms that are usually in the form of a [[churidar]]. The kurta is fitted on the bust and normally features large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella.

Anarkali dresses owe their name to Anarkali, a famous courtesan in the court of a great mughal emperor.

The story of Anarkali was immortalised because of her affair with the emperor's son, that ended in tragedy when Anarkali was buried alive behind a wall.

The styling of the dress has evolved over time, with trends ranging from floor lengths to normal length ones that end below the knees. Some newer Anarkali Salwar suits are short to suit the modern generation.

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