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Things You Need to Know About Adding Volume to Your Lehenga

Posted on April 07 2017

Have you ever wondered how the Bridal Designers manage to bring such gorgeous flair to their lehenga without having so much kalis in them? How you never end up having such volume in your lehenga because you don’t know the secret? Well, today we are going to uncover this secret once and for all the ladies who are stuck in the lehenga flair dilemma.

The material that is basically used by many designers to bring added volume is can-can. You might or might not have heard this term. Well, now you have! Can-can just simply adds lots of volume to your lehenga without you having to bear the high cost of increasing the number of kalis in your dress.

You simply have to attach this material inside of your lehenga or if you don’t want to attach the material then you can also have it made as a petticoat which you can wear under your lehenga. That's so convenient, right?

Can-can is a light material and comparatively softer than other similar material and you can easily carry your bridal lehenga quite easily on your big day. The best thing about the detachable can-can petticoat is that you can easily take it off from your bridal lehenga after your wedding and wear it as a Party Wear Lehenga on other weddings without getting unwanted attention from the guests.

There are a couple of things you need to know about can-can so that you have a better idea what to ask for from your designer or tailor.


First off, there are two major types of can-can material available in the market. One is hard-mesh which is a little stiffer and if you are choosing this then adding just a single layer under your lehenga is enough. One drawback of using the hard-mesh can-can is that you cannot fold your lehenga.

On the other hand, if you are choosing the other type which is softer then you might need to add more than one layer to give the required volume to your lehenga. Soft mesh can-can is more commonly used since it is lighter and gives very flowy and softer volume than the hard mesh which makes the lehenga too rigid. Hence we recommend that you add a couple of layers of the soft can-can. 

Is the can-can lehenga easy to manage?

The ideal amount of can-can layers depends on the fabric of your lehenga. If you are wearing a silk lehenga then you will need lesser layers than if you are wearing let’s say, a velvet lehenga.

How to set can-can:

Can-can material gets flattened if you sit for too long, so before you make your entry have a friend to help you on fluffing the bottom edges of the can-can a bit. Moreover, if you have a lot of layers of the can-can, make sure someone pull down the top layer of lehenga once you sit down so that the can-can doesn't show in the pictures.

Now you are armed with one of the most crucial secrets of the bridal dresses world with which you can also easily transform a Party Wear Lehenga into a Bridal Lehenga in just one step. How cool is that?


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