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FPW: The First Day of Winter Festive Started off with Shameel Ansari’s Solo Show

Posted on January 16 2018

Fashion week pakistan

Shameel Ansari is one of the best Pakistani Designers who are meant to make an impact and she did the same while unveiling her Winter Festive Collection on the first day of Fashion Pakistan Week. The designer has completed 30 years as a fashion designer and she chose to celebrate this accomplishment with a solo show on the event where the multi-designer collections are taken to the glamorous ramp.

The Solo Show was Hosted at Her Own House

The designer very well played with craft, layers, textures, and prints while traversing the melting pot of modern as well as ancient elements summarizing Turkey.

Other crafts that added to the glory of her collection were saw-toothed leaves and tulips extracted from Iznik pottery, lattice work in golden thread characterizing Ottoman, seagull embellishments over the Bosporus, pomegranate motifs, Suzani motifs in intricate colored threadwork over some vibrant colors like crimson, turquoise, sea-green, vermilion, and salmon pink.

Her blue tulip collection was displayed on mannequins at the ground floor of designer’s residence.

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The show was quite unique considering the way the collection was represented. Only 10 outfits of her collection were shown by the models on the catwalk and the rest of her collection stood still on the mannequins on the ground floor of Shameel’s residence.

The show was dramatically lit up with the long shirts with the highlighted thick threadwork presented against backdrop of curtains with diminutive prints and astonishing wall-hangings. Then there were some more amazing things in the form of ruffle collared shirts, beautiful kaftans, and grandiose coats swirling in all good colors. There were also the glass displays in the garden showcasing designer’s gorgeous collection “Romance with Red”.

Shamaeel's latest collection also features Turkish motifs

In this collection, we found some ravishing outfits having multiple layers and patterns, authentic pieces of art and slight more tapered silhouettes. The experience was nothing less than witnessing a museum-like display with the privilege to observe them up-close.


The show was undoubtedly classic and the culmination of her signature. Her inspirations are always visible in her collections entranced with Sufi poetry and fashion from Central Asia.

The designer herself admitted, “I don’t follow whatever is trending at the moment, I just create whatever I feel like creating.”

Shameel Ansari’s Pallete consisted of colors such as crimson, turquoise, sea-green, salmon pink, and vermilion that definitely represented the beautiful wedding colors all set to steal the show.

And what Shamaeel creates are clothes for fiery, individualistic women rather than designs for the blind fashion follower. It was a show that stood out – more so, for straying away from the usual fashion week format and doing things differently. One could tell that it was curated with the love and passion that has long defined the designer.

A quote she read out to me by Rumi summarized her ethos to the tee: “Let the creativity of what you love be what you do.”

Stay Tuned With Us, To Know More About the Glitz and Glamour of FPW!

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