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5 Quick Tips for Buying Designer Saree Online

Posted on June 30 2017

There is an array of women clothing in India with different styles and trends, but a saree is truly an essence of Indian dressing style. It is one of the most gorgeous and classy garments in the world loved and appreciated for the elegance and ethnicity they carry. No doubt that saree has become immensely popular in Indian culture.

Every region in India has their own culture and so is the saree style that varies from one place to another. Because of the pool of fashion designers, more women want to embrace this garment and wear the designer sarees on different occasions. Subsequently, there are way too many varieties of sarees you will find in online ethnic stores. There are traditional designs, modern designs, glamorous options, contemporary variations, and regional style that always leave you excited and confused at the same time about what to buy and what not. Trust us, we know exactly what is it like to deal with the plethora of beautiful choice and not being able to decide which style is actually for you.

Therefore, we have come up with some essential tips that will help you a lot while buying a designer saree online. Let’s read it down.

Consider your personal style

The newer and trendier options always keep flocking the market and these options start getting into your nerves completely. Whenever you decide to visit an online saree store, you get bombarded with hundreds of choices and your decision-making capabilities got vanished in a moment. Let us give you a tip here. Never leave your personal style behind no matter what. Your personal style is something that keeps you comfortable and confident about what you’re wearing. For example: If you love to wear comfortable, breezy, and easy-going garments, you must avoid Silk Sarees. Online ethnic markets are always going to show up with a new style every day but the grace of saree lies in how well you carry it. No one can carry your personal style better than you too. So, stick to it.

Designer Saree

Buy according to your body type

Body type is the most important consideration when it comes to buying an ethnic designer saree online. The saree that Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in might not suit you that well. It all depends on the body type that you have. Women with the pear-shaped body should wear the fabrics like Chiffon and georgette as these two fabrics will balance their upper and lower body to give a great look. The sarees with beautiful embroidery will complement the apple body shape really well. Similarly, overweight women should go with cotton or cotton-like stuff, while slim and average height must pick cotton, silk and organza sarees. Taller and slim women can carry heavy borders and net sarees really well.

designer saree gown

Take the trend and current styles into consideration

You cannot just pick any uninvolving saree style out of the online designer saree. Staying with the current trends and styles is very important. It is not just about identifying the latest sari fashion. It is about how they fit your personal style and the body type. The current trend in saree styles is something transparent with a net, lace, and chiffon stuff. You must check how they can fit with your personal choice.

designer lehenga saree

Check the Quality of Cloth

Buying a saree don’t just pertain to the right decision about the design and material. You must pay a close attention to the quality of cloth and type of work that has been done on it. Indian sarees come with the rich and exquisitely detailed design. Don’t let the quality of your sari cloth ruin it. Therefore, you must check the authenticity and quality of designer sari before you buy it.

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Always check the return policy

Last but not the least. Do not ever forget to check the return policy of the online store where you are buying a saree from. Sometimes the materials and styles from online stores do not meet your expectations. So, be on the safe side and ensure that you can return the saree if you do not like it.



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