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How to wear saree step by step

Posted on April 17 2017

Almost every Indian girl has to face the task of wearing saree one day or another. It is inevitable and it seems daunting. Though this saree wearing process may look like a lot of work but to tell you the truth, there is nothing easier and fun than this. Yup, that’s correct! However, if you still find yourself fumbling with the pallu and the petticoat worry not, we are here to help. Follow the steps to master yourself in the art of wearing saree. Goodluck! (Alternatively, if you are searching for the perfect saree, check out Designer Sarees Online for some amazing collection)

Step 1: Hold
The first step of how to wear a saree is holding it properly at the waist. Hold the inner end of the top edge of the saree at your back. Keep in mind, it is just a saree and not climbing Mount Everest! Breath and relax.

Step 2: Tuck
The next step involves perfectly tucking in the edge. Tuck the inner end of the saree at the front part of your wait under the petticoat.

Step 3: Front Wrap
The next stage of how to wear a saree step by step is the front wrap. Carefully bring the entire saree through the front of the waist.

Step 4: Back Wrap
After wrapping around the front in step 3, wrap the fabric around the back too and try to maintain the same height. Stop any fidgeting.

Step 5: Pleat
Now create 5 inch deep pleats beginning from the tucked end of the saree. Make sure that the pleats are straight and even as you hold them up. Imagine as if you are making a paper fun. It is totally like that except the fabric is different. Just 2 more steps guys! You are almost there.

Step 6: Tuck
Tuck all the pleats together into the waist slightly below the navel and make sure that all the pleats are turned towards the left side.

Step 7: Pin Up
Last but not the least, drape the pallu over your left shoulder and pin it to your blouse with a safety pin to prevent it from slipping. TA-DA ladies!

There you go! See we told you it was an easy process. Now you can go rock your saree like a total pro even if it is your first time!

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