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You Might Want To Read This before Buying a Designer Saree Online

Posted on August 23 2017

Designer sarees are actually royal, fashionable and look perfect on any body type. They are one of the vital parts of any religion or culture. Most of the fashion designers have accumulated the most fashionable trends along with other ethnic attires like a wedding dress, designer salwar, lehenga cholis and much more. There are different ranges of sarees which you can buy from any store but make sure that you choose the right one. It is important that you should choose the perfect one so that all the heads get turns on you.

Here are some key aspects which you must look into while shopping in any fashion fabric stores.

Yellow Lemon Saree

Drape according to your shape

The important aspect which you must consider while buying any kind of designer sarees is your body style. You must decide that what kind of draping style you will adopt whether it is Gujarati, Bengali or Marathi. You must see that the saree or the draping style should make you look beautiful as well as uncomfortable. Make sure you must carry the style and never overdo it. If you don't carry your drape properly then you might get an untidy look. So, ensure that you stay confident about your draping style and dress very neatly.

Material does matter

The next important thing which you should keep in mind while choosing the right saree is the fabric. You must select the fabric of your saree by checking it thoroughly. Make sure that you select the material of the saree according to the season. If it is winter, then saree made of silk or brocade might be a suitable option. On the other hand if its summer then you must opt for chiffon, georgette or any saree made of light fabrics. As already mentioned above the fabric you need to choose will largely depend on the kind of saree. Healthier women must opt for light fabrics while the slim women must opt for lighter ones.

Black Saree

Balancing the look

A very important thing which you just can't miss when you are buying a designer saree is the occasion of the party. It's always advisable that you must not go over the top and dress. Thus, don't wear a saree that is overly embellished for a formal party. Also, keep your look with the saree very minimal with fewer accessories. For any traditional party or occasion, you can wear a gorgeous silk saree and pair it up with gorgeous earrings.

off-white saree

Design and Prints on the Saree

Yes, another important aspect which you must take into account while choosing the right designer saree is the cut and its print. If you are attending a formal party then it is advisable to opt for those monochrome sarees that have little embellishments of different stones and beads. But if you are going to attend someone's wedding then you must opt for sarees with large prints and also lighter shades. It is advisable that curvy woman must opt for smaller prints with darker shades.

Borders of the Saree

The trending designer sarees have one thing in common is those exquisite borders. The sarees come with different designer zari or lace borders, patchwork borders, frills and much more. So, if you are attending the general party, then opt for a saree with slim border consists of less work.

Pink Lehenga Saree

Color of the saree

Obviously, there is nothing more beautiful than wearing a red or black saree when you are going to attend any informal occasion. But when it is about formal events opt for lighter colors like bottle green, light pink, sky blue, turquoise and what suits your personality more.


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