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Which Saree Styles Suits Your Personality?

Posted on August 11 2017

Saree is one of the most loved and essential traditional dresses that Indian women love to wear in occasions demanding ethnic look. From formal gatherings to wedding functions, saree is one complete look in itself. However, there are some considerations that are necessary to make before buying a designer saree online. You must pick one that suits your body type, complexion, and personal style really well.

Let’s find out which saree style would suit you best according to your personality according to following factors:

Weight and height

Pink Saree

Overweight women look beautiful in sarees made of georgette, chiffon, crepe and other lightweight materials. Online designer sarees drape fit closely to their body for a slimmer appearance. Obese women love wearing cotton sarees and you can try ones where cotton is blended with other fabrics.

Brocade, tissue, heavy silk, banarasi, organza sarees makes slim women looks sensational. Such sarees gives a slimmer woman full volume and titivates her structure.

Tall and slim women go for printed sarees that have big and attractive prints and motifs on them.

Shorter women should get sarees with small borders or without any border. They should avoid big borders as it makes them look shorter and try some fragile not flashy stripes and prints.

Structure of body

Red Saree

Women with apple structure, silk sarees with sequences, embroidery and beadwork looks awesome. Such women drape their sarees in a simple way for evading excess jewelries.

Chiffon saris give a magnificent look for pear shaped women as it gives them a slimmer look. Women have heavy bottom part whereas their upper body is slim from the upper body part. This makes your overall look proportional and distracts your attention from heavy part.

Cotton, thick silk and kanjevaram silk saree works wonder for women with leaner structure. It makes them look balanced and gives them a new look.

Color and complexion

White Saree

The nature of your skin plays a vital role in kind of shades you wear. A person with blemish skin should avoid solid colors, especially extreme colors - very dark or very light. An individual with reddish blemish or pinkish tone on the cheeks or nose should avoid deep red color like red wine or burgundy.

Dark skin color, women should get dark colors of saree like maroon, dark pink, black, etc. You can browse through casual sarees online and choose the best one.

The right choice of online designer sarees not only hides any flaws in your body but also increases your beauty. One should choose a saree according to occasion and tie it properly to make the best impression. If one is going to office, they should pinup their saree to look smart and it is very manageable too. For an outing or any special function, pinup the tip of a saree and let the remaining fall for a more gracious look.

For this, saree should have a good fall. Cotton, tissue or starched sarees should be ironed properly with free hands for proper shape.

Saris are best outfits for any woman. It is suitable for all occasions like wedding, function, etc. Many of us confuse in choosing the saree that suits us the best Saree increases your personality and beauty. Choose the right type of saree according to your body type.

Find the style that matches your look! Have a glance at the latest styles & trends of Designer Sarees.


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