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Traditional and Indo Western Outfits Options for Bridesmaids

Posted on February 13 2017

It really doesn't matter whether you're the bestie or the sister/cousin of the bride, it's your job to be concern about your style and outfits as a bridesmaid. Because it is hard for the others to concentrate on bridesmaid's outfits as all the focus is already on the dresses and make-up of the bride. So enough of the craze about the outfits, jewelry, and make-up for the bride on the wedding day. Being the bridesmaid, it's time for you to focus on your outfits and style.

Indian Traditional Outfits Options for Bridesmaid

Saree for bridesmaid:

As usual, saree is on top of the list. No one can deny the charm or attraction of a saree for anyone to wear on any occasion. You can make saree a theme for outfits by discussing with the other bridesmaid. If you are an NRI and live outside of India, there's the option for you to order Designer Sarees Online as there are a number of Indian Designer Boutique to supply sarees for you in any part of the world. 

Saree for bridesmaid

Party Wear Lehenga:

It's not supposed to be as heavy or as dynamic to the Lehenga that the bride would wear in the wedding. But a Party Wear Lehenga really can be a perfect outfit for the bridesmaid. If the number of the bridesmaid is quite a few, it is worth a discussion among all of them about the color, design, and style of the Lehenga and synchronizing it for everyone accordingly. 


A blend of tradition and style can make you look gorgeous beside the bride wearing Anarkalis. If choosing the conventional golden bordered Anarkali sounds too much backdated, you can opt for an improvised design of it as loads of Indian Designer Boutique are there for you to meet your requirements with different types of Anarkalis.


Saree Gowns:

You're at an Indian wedding and if it's imperative to provide an India look with your outfit as the bridesmaid, Saree Gowns can be a great idea to do that. It will not only represent the traditional Indian culture but also modernize the look of traditional saree with tremendous exposure. Like the other Designer Sarees Online, you can get a Saree Gown from the same source.  


Indo-Western Outfits Options for Bridesmaid  

Indo-Western Gowns:

The Indian designers are incredibly good at providing a western gown with an Indian look and make it perfect as an Indo-Western Gown. Being in an Indian wedding as the bridesmaid, it's better to avoid a completely western gown and go with the Indian taste instead.

Pant Style Kameez:

A heavy and gorgeous looking Kameez along with a Pant style salwar will make you look awesome as the bridesmaid. Not only Kameez, there are other various outfits that you can match with a western style Pants and make a good fusion of Indo-western outfits. For an instance, you can drape an Indian Saree with wearing Pants instead of a petticoat.

Cape Style:

A style that is very much in vogue these days. The Cape is suitable to any Indian outfits such as Saree, Lehenga, Kameez etc. Flaunt a cape in any of these Indian dresses matching with the other bridesmaid and look stunning as a bunch of angels.

Skirt Churidar:

This isn't something everyone would agree to carry, but if you want to make a statement as the bridesmaid, it would be the thing to go with. Basically, it's a mix of asymmetric pleated skirt and churidar salwar/pants. The asymmetric top can be with a full sleeve or sleeveless and the color according to your choice and type.




  • Nahida Sheriff: May 29, 2018

    Is the golden saree gown available? Also state price of gown please.


  • swati pathak: January 29, 2018

    i want to know the price the dress

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