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Should One Wear Matha Patti and Nath in a Wedding as a Guest

Posted on March 14 2017

Matha Patti and Nath are those elements in a wedding which have become sort of an identity for the occasion. One of the major questions that are revolving around these days is whether a guest can wear matha patti or nath to a wedding? Does it seems alright or is it too weird? 

Everybody in the eastern culture knows that matha patti and nath are essentially adorned by the bride. These pieces of jewelry represent royalty, elegance, and grace and they complement a Bridal Lehenga Choli extremely well. The close family of the bride and groom such as the bride’s sister or mother etc have also been seen wearing such accessories and it is considered totally fine as they closely related to the happy couple.

Our customs and values have developed in a way in which if you are just a guest to a wedding you cannot normally wear matha patti or a nath unless it is a part of the theme of the wedding. This is because it might seem as if the person is trying to steer attention away from the bride. If such is your culture then it is better to go with normal jewelry pieces like earrings and necklaces and avoid the matha patti at all costs.

However, a guest can carry such pieces of jewelry without getting too much unwanted attention if it is not strictly prohibited for a guest to wear them. The secret for doing that is to keep everything else minimal. Like, don’t overdo the hairstyle or wear too many flashy clothes and apply minimum makeup.

Moreover, it is better if you wear just either of the two and not both at the same time like wears math patti and skip the nath as it might be considered too bridal. A matha patti with a Party Wear Lehenga looks perfectly fine on a guest and does not seem like one is trying too hard. But if you really want to try the nath then wear it as the only piece of jewelry and do not wear any bangles or necklace or even earrings. A nath with side-swept hair will look really elegant if you ditch every other piece of jewelry. Moreover whether or not you should opt for these jewelry pieces also depend on the kind of dress you are wearing to a wedding.

For example, if you are wearing Indo Wedding Gown then you cannot, in any case, wear such jewelry because the dress just doesn’t go with it. But if it a Party Wear Lehenga then you might wear such jewelry with it.

You have to keep such tiny details in mind before deciding whether wearing such jewelry is worth it or not.



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