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Indian Fashion Designers and Pakistani Fashion Designers

Posted on January 30 2017

Despite having own uniqueness and differences, Indian and Pakistani fashion industries do share quite a few similarities, notably with respect to inspiration and aesthetics. In addition, the consumption patterns of the typical Indian and Pakistani are also comparable.

The variations are within the infrastructure expedited by the public sector and also the development of the retail fashion market. Moreover, the political and socio-economic surroundings play an enormous role as well in the growth and development of both nation's fashion industries. Both markets do possess a certain passion and desire to achieve and maintain generosity in fashion and have several common aspects of interest in expanding their fashion industry.

When a discussion about the comparison of fashion industries between these two countries arise, it's obviously the fashion designers from each country are the main component to carry the responsibilities and draw most of the attentions to evaluation their fashion industries respectively.

Indian Designers

When you up to find the best fashion dresses designed by the top Indian fashion designers, you will find the ideas that Indian fashion designers have played a significant role to introduce their outstanding designs and traditional Indian dresses all over the world. Today Indian can be proud of many of their excellent fashion designers, who can easily compete with any Western fashion designer in their designs and ideas. Now, a wide range of web-based Indian Designer Boutique offers wonderful collections of eye-catching salwar kameez, Indo Western Gowns, Bridal Lehenga Choli wonderful designer sarees, and stunning wedding lehenga Choli in various designs, colors, and printing, according to any taste and budget, designed by the Indian fashion designers.


Some Top Indian Designers

Well, they are plenty in numbers when it comes to fashion designers in India. Bollywood and fashion designers are two different things of the same coin. The Mumbai film industry has always been privileged having the likes of Masaba Gupta, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, TarunTahilaini, Manish Arora, etc as costume designer. All these designers are among the top designers belong to India but has attached an international brand value against their name and went beyond India with their skill and creativity in the fashion industry. All of them are like legends in terms of designing Bridal Lehenga Choli, Indo Western Gowns, and many other trendy outfits.

The importance and impact of the general designers for common people are none less as India is a country with a population of around 120 billion. And a huge number of fashion designers has been providing an outstanding concept for outfits for all age and gender type people over the decades and they are an integral part of Indian Designer Boutique industry. 

Pakistani Designers

Since Pakistani designers don't have a huge market like Bollywood to showcase their talent and creativity, they aren't offered with the same demand and importance usually, compare to the designers from the neighboring country. Sometimes, people across the border who are not familiar with Pakistani design much often wonder how the Pakistani people dress. However, Pakistani designers have played their role to introduce their best fashion designs among the country as well as in some other part of the world. Pakistan has a rich and a very own ancient culture in which cultural costumes and fashion dresses are given a lot worth focusing on.

The Pakistani salwar and kameez are one of the most popular and identified dress of women owned by not only in Pakistan but also in the other continental countries including India, Bangladesh etc. It is a remnant of the Mughal era when the royal and other high-class women of that time introduced some attractive and unique concept of outfit to the public through Designer's Salwar Kameez.

Some Top Pakistani designers

The number and work field of Pakistani designers may not be as big as the Indian designers but there are quite a few Designers from Pakistan who haven't only enlighten the Pakistani fashion but also the world fashion arena.

Designers like Hasan ShaharyarYasin, AsimJofa, Fahad Hussayn, Deepak Perwani, BuntoKazmi, Sana Hashwani, SafinaazMunir, Maria.B. all are world class designer from Pakistan.

As it's already been mentioned, designers from both the countries have their own uniqueness, creativity, and taste. There are some similarities between them at the same time. But it can't be determined comprehensively designers from which country are better. In a word, the Indian designers have a great market and client to work for, while the Pakistani designers don't have that at all.

Having said that, Indian designers surely have an enhanced work skill with more experience and variety of work range compare to the Pakistani designers. But the designers from Pakistan may have an upper hand when it comes to Shalwar, Kameez, Kurti. But in terms of variety, experience, and working arena, designers from India will always have an extra rating for outfits like sarees, lehenga, choli etc.


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