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How to Plan for the Wedding Day Outfits

Posted on February 27 2017

Errors are not acceptable in weddings because even the smallest of it can ruin all the preparations and take the spark out of the celebration. What the bride will wear comes on the top of the list when making wedding plans.

Irrespective of what it is an Indo Western Gown or Bridal Lehenga Choli, her outfit should be able to dictate the mood of the occasion. The emphasis on outfits makes it a potential cause of anxiety which may lead to mistakes. From anxieties, to last minute cancellations and disappointments can be avoided if you make some early plan.

Shop with only a few friends

Many of your friends would want to get involved the moment you announce your wedding plans but getting all of them involved may ruin the entire preparations. Appreciate their kind gestures but only take a few friends for your outfit shopping. Everyone has a different fashion sense and this may lead to a clash of interests instead of coming to a conclusion. Some may decide to go for the traditional saree while others may want something different like a lehenga.

The timing should not be too far off or near

The ideal time for a wedding shopping should be six months. This length of time will give room for modifications if the need arises. Fashion also changes abruptly within a short space of time – a trending fashion may lose its spot in less than a year. When you shop earlier than six months, you risk wearing a dress that has gone out of fashion.

Remember the jewelry

Jewelry is a very important part of an Indian bridal look. There are different kinds of pieces of jewelry which can be worn on different parts of the body such as necklace, bangles, rings, nose rings, head gears, anklets and more. The materials for making jewelry also differ and include gold, diamond, and lacquers. The jewelry you opt to wear should blend with your dress and figure, which is why great care has to be taken in their selection.


Have your budget in mind when shopping for an outfit

 Luxury shops are found all over the world and they are known to have goods that are quite pricey. If you cannot afford the goods displayed in the luxury shops, then you have no business being there in the first place because you will only end up making yourself sad – and rob you the appreciation of other good cheaper outfits.

You do not want to spend your wedding day feeling sober, do you?

Close your eyes to many of the outfits

Just like taking too many friends to shopping is bad, so is trying out a whole lot of outfits. Whether you are shopping online or from a retail store, you have to close your eyes to many of the outfits you see or you may fall into trouble deciding which one it would finally be.


Comfort should be your ultimate goal

This is a really important point. Even though it is coming at the bottom of the log, it is worth being among your top priorities. No matter how adorable or alluring an outfit is, do not purchase it if you are not comfortable in it because it will definitely affect your confidence. A deflated confidence is the fastest route to having a ruined wedding.


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