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Famous Pakistani Fashion Shows and Famous Pakistani Designers

Posted on February 06 2017

Although salwar-kameez is the national dress for both Pakistani men and women, there are some other varieties of dresses are widely worn in all across the country. The best idea one can get about the trendy clothing and outfits in Pakistan is by observing the different fashion shows that happen all year around in the country.

All the top designers participate on these shows displaying their best and trendy works. Due to the easy accession of the internet as well as e-commerce lately, a large number of ladies in Pakistan are getting used to Buy Anarkali Suits, Kameez, Party Wear Lehenga, Ghagra Cholis, Bridal lehenga Choli Online etc. at a brisk rate.

Famous Pakistani fashion Shows

As there are quite a few annual fashion shows held in different provinces in Pakistan as some of the famous Pakistani fashion shows are listed below.

Pakistan Fashion Week:

One of the most attractive and talked about fashion shows in Pakistan. The Pakistan fashion week is an annual show that was launched in 2009 in Karachi. Since then it has gained a huge popularity among the fashion concerned people.

 Karachi Fashion Week:  

Another annual fashion display event that takes place in Karachi. The Karachi fashion Week happens to be the biggest fashion show in Pakistan. It was inaugurated in 2010. Designers from other various country take part in this show with their best of designs.

Islamabad Fashion Week:

Organized by Triple-E (Pvt.) Ltd, Islamabad Fashion Week is another highly awaited fashion show through the country. It started a successful event journey of fashion display in 2011 at Pak-China Friendship Centre in Islamabad. 

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week:

This is an annual fashion show held in two different places in Pakistan, in Lahore and Karachi. It started in February 2010 in Lahore. Sponsored by Sunsilk, this popular fashion show is organized by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council.

Lahore Fashion Week:

The second largest fashion show after Karachi Fashion Week is the Lahore Fashion Show. Lahore is the city that is known as the cultural and fashion capital of Pakistan. This multi-diverse city hosts this amazing event of fashion show once in a year.

Famous Pakistani Designers


He is a top fashion designer and architect in Pakistan. His Fashion house 'AsimJofa' is one of the most renown styling brands in Pakistan. A certain extent of wonderful creativity is seen both in his western and eastern designs.AsimJofa is famous for bringing variation by introducing gems or jewelry in a clothing line.

Hassan ShehreyarYasin:

Mostly known as HSY. This outstanding designer has taken Pakistani fashion to an international platform through his great fashion sense and creativity. He started his own brand named 'HSY' in 2000. Since then it has contributed massively in the fashion industry of Pakistan. He is greatly appreciated for representing the rich cultural heritage of the East.

Fahad Hussayn:

A name of trust and flexibility in terms of fashion. An amazing designer with extreme efficiency in bridal wear hence, considered as one of the great in designing for wedding outfits. Fahad Hussayn has done his graduation from Beacon House National College. He is highly renowned for his party oriented designs which are available as Party Wear Lehenga, Lehenga Choli, Bridal Lehenga Choli Online as well as in conventional markets.

Maria Butt:

This beautiful lady is none less beautiful in her designs too and is highly appreciated for her creative and smart sense of fashion. She runs her own couture line called 'Maria B'. Women of all age and generation Buy Anarkali Suites, Lehengas, Sarees, Kameez from her fashion house according to their own taste and desire. She is considered as an expert in trendy fashion with tremendous creativity and widely popular with her designs for children wear as well.

Deepak Perwani:

Another top-class fashion designer from Pakistan specializes in both men and women wear with incredible color sense. Deepak Perwani is highly rated for his majestic design for menswear. He has taken part in several international fashion shows and attracted a huge number of people with his incredible versatility.




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