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Difference between Computerized and Hand Embroidery

Posted on January 10 2017

Making anything with our hands is different in many aspects from making things using tools or machines. Both the methods have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. There are certain things to consider before choosing the technique of embroidery on anything important you are up to.

Being a pretty lady, indeed it is very important for you to make yourself look really prettier by putting a well-made, gorgeous dress. Different types and class of Indian Designer Boutique are there for you presenting Party Wear Lehenga Choli, Kameez and more. Embroidery perhaps is the most important part to keep in mind for most of the ladies while buying those sorts of dresses, and rightly. So the design, color, shades, contrast, threads etc. of each embroidered patch comes into consideration to look fabulous when you wear the dress.

Which color should you buy or which thread should be used in embroideries to make it look lovely and long lasting? These opinions demand a deep conversation while that is not our main goal today, rather we would like to assist you with a different yet highly important aspect of embroidery. To be precise and make things simple, we will be highlighting some vital aspects about the two different kinds of Embroideries, 'Handmade Embroidery' and 'Computerized Embroidery'.

Difference between Handmade Embroidery and Computerized Embroidery

The basic difference between handmade and computerized embroidery is the embroidery stitching process. A variety of unique stitching styles, in terms of the thickness of different threads are available for Handmade Embroidery, while computerized embroidery doesn't allow that variety. Every step of stitching of computerized embroidery is premeditated.

Hand embroidery has its own beauty and attraction which is preferred by most of the girls. Computerized machines help you create embroidery quickly and reduce costs. However, hand-embroidery designs are the traditional ways that individuals choose as it allows their creativeness to flow and they can create their own designs.

Computerized Embroidery and Handmade Embroidery

The use of machines makes you reliant on them and these machines have their boundaries. Many designs are inbuilt within the computer, so the user's creativeness can't be applied. That means you cannot enhance or change the designs to fit your own choices on something you are working on. You should have technical knowledge if you want to create your own designs. Computerized embroidery machines are expensive too.

Hand embroidery, on the other hand, always looks fresh and alive as it is made with personal touch and desire of the artist. The hand embroiders master their skill diligently to craft a design and that's what it makes the work special. Each of the hand-made embroideries gives a unique appearance even with the same design and materials because these artists are allowed to use their flair to choose different colors and stitches. Computerized embroidery will give you a robotic feel in the terms of appearance.  It looks like just a print for all the copies. The same stitches, same color, no uniqueness, all of them are fully identical. 

Another technical difference between these two types of embroidery is, you can use pure silk thread for hand-made embroidery, but since the silk threads break too easily in machines, you can't use them for computerized embroideries. Polyester, metallic, or rayon threads are mostly used for computerized embroidery instead.

When it comes to spotting whether embroidery is hand-made or computerized, there's a very simple way to determine. Take any embroidery work and look at the back of it. If the back of the canvas looks irregular and loose, then it is hand embroidered. The knots of hand-made embroidery can be felt easily. While computerized embroidery will have the opposite attributes. The back of its canvas will be firmer and tight with the pasting. 

Final Words

Computerized embroidery has gained a fast reputation as it reduces efforts and saves time and is cost-effective too. You can get pre-designed Party Wear Lehenga, Kameez or kurta from any good boutique if you want to attend any party on an urgent basis. There is a lot of eminent Indian Designer Boutique all across the country. However, the experts commonly suggest selecting the hand embroidery designs.

Regardless of what kind of embroidering you choose, hand embroidery designs provide you with a lot of confidence and satisfaction as the patterns and designs will be yours. They will allow you to be innovative and let your creativity go crazy.


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