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An Insight in the Modern Looks of a Saree

Posted on January 13 2017

Whenever we think of a traditional Indian woman, someone wearing a saree with a gesture of saying ‘Namaste’ comes in mind, isn't it? The long and unstitched piece of garments makes you elegant, agile and classy all at the same time. Yes, we are talking about saree. The Indus Valley Civilization flourished way back in 2800 to 1800 BC and that's the time when saree was worn by women first. Since then this timeless and graceful outfit has become an integral part of clothing line for women in South Asian region. As time passed, saree has established its place in the clothing line arena globally with its beauty and uniqueness. A lot of ladies from western countries gladly use the vibrant and traditional dresses like designer sarees, as an outfit.

When it comes to the South Asian region, saree still rules here considering the tendency of wearing western dresses like jeans, tops etc. has increased to a certain extent for some time now. Sarees has a special place in the heart of women. They have the privilege to collect the best variety of Designer Sarees Online these days. The designer’s sarees are considered as the most eye-catching sarees for women as it provides them amazing overall look, even for the western women. The females across the whole world now love to decorate themselves with this stylish outfit as it offers real conventional looks in a gorgeous way.

Modern girls seem to be more gorgeous wearing sarees with bright colors especially in the summer season for all sorts of parties. You can get these shining and different colors of Party Wear Sarees Online as well beside the general marketplaces.

Different Ways to Wear Traditional Sarees

As there is a vast range of variety in India in terms of region, language, culture, tradition, religion, lifestyle, it's none different when it comes to dresses. Although sarees are worn by women all across in India, but it differs in style of wearing according to the difference of region or culture. Some of the most common and popular ways of draping traditional sarees are following.

Nivi Style: This is probably the most widely worn style among the ladies and it really makes them prettier once draped perfectly. Tuck one end of the sarees into the petticoat then rotate the saree 360 degrees around the skirt, the saree will be bunched neatly into pleats and the rest will be draped across the chest to hang the pallu elegantly around the shoulder.  

Bengali Style: There are no pleats in the Bengali style. Before draping the saree over the shoulder fold it from the right to left in front of shoulder couple of times. The length of pallu would be much longer than the other style as it will be taken from the front of the other shoulder also. 

Kerala/Malayali Style: A two-piece saree is highly popular and worn in the southern Kerala. Most of the time these sarees are white in color with golden stripes all over it or only in the border. It is called “SettuMundu” or “Set Mundu” by the local people over there. 

Gujarati Style: Women from the western state of Gujrat apply this style while wearing a saree. They tuck the pleats into the petticoat similarly to the 'Nivi Style' then take the loose end from the back. Drape across the right shoulder then pull across to cover the back. 

Apart from these traditional styles, there are some modern looks off late that can make you elegant, gorgeous, sexy and trendy at the same time. To bring a modern look with wearing sarees you can try ‘lehenga saree’, ‘saree gowns’, ‘drape sarees’ etc. wearing these types of modern style sarees will bring some serious beauty in you. And you can get Designer Sari Online of these trendy outfits as well as in the shops in market.

Modern Looks of Sarees

Since sarees are among the top selection for any sort of functions and occasion even in today's western lifestyle, the designers had their work cut out on this and they have done a fabulous job to provide different modern looks to sarees. The modern looks of sarees are highly appreciated and are recognized internationally. Some of the widely worn sarees that provide a modern look are- lehenga saree, saree gowns, drape sarees.

Lehenga Saree: Not too long ago lehenga sarees have been introduced to the fashion world. It drew a serious attention from a girl to mid-age lady and became trendy in no time. Lehenga style sarees are basically a blend of a traditional saree and lehenga choli. It is very easy to wear, doesn't takes a lot of time to wear as there is no requirement of forming pleats. One can just tuck and drape to look fab wearing this type of sarees. There are a plenty of Indian Designer Boutique Online to provide lehenga sarees.

Saree Gown: This is more of a fusional outfit than traditional. A taste of western gown is composed with the traditional Indian sarees in a saree gown. You can wear a saree gown in any sort of parties and wedding functions. It will provide you a traditional vibe and a western sense of fashion at the same time. The trend of saree gown first seen in the 90's. But slowly and steadily it faded away with time and now is back with a huge acceptance. These sorts of dress are also known as Indo Western Gown. Different types of Party Wear Sarees Online are available in a shape of saree gown.

Things to keep in Mind While Wearing a Saree and Look Trendy

Try to avoid casual platform heels or wedges with a saree. Flat sandals and slippers also spoil your looks. So, instead, all of these go for high heels and stilettos. It will make you look taller and slim at the same time. 

Don’t put a lot of jewelry on your body in any sort of occasion. It will surely draw the attention of people towards you, but not in a positive manner. Try to wear some simple and light jewelers that fit the color of your saree and your personality. 

Keep occasion in mind. You can’t attend a funeral wearing a scarlet saree. Be careful to the blouse. Give the exact fitting measurement that suits your body while ordering for a blouse. Otherwise, both tight and loose fitting blouse can ruin all your effort and desire to look beautiful wearing a saree.

Don’t go for too many experiments in the important occasions like wedding or any other important eve. Consider the quality of fabric and your comfort when you go outside for a long time wearing a saree.


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