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Anarkali (Kalidaar) Suits Online

Posted on January 13 2017

Origin of the word Anarkali:

Anarkali was originated from a Mughal time dancer "Anarkali" who used to dance at Mughal Darbar (King’s Palace). Later on she was buried alive for having affair with Prince Jahangir. At that time the dresses which these dancers used to wear were called Mujra dresses and after that these dresses are being called as Anarkali (Kalidaar) dresses in remembrance of Anarkali the famous beautiful dancer and a lover.

Anarkali (Kalidar) is a type of suit which is mostly worn by Indian women. It is comprised of a long top which looks like a skirt with flayers at bottom. Trend of Anarkali suits in India is very common among women. There are numbers of fabrics available for anarkali (Kalidaar) like cotton, silk, Georgette, satin, net and much more. Net is the most popular fabric due to its softness and light weight. Net anarkali suits come up with cotton or satin inners with lycra or cotton churridar. Anarkali suits are widely available online also.

These days digital printed anarkali’s are in trend which gives really stunning look. These digital printed anarkali suits have expanding demand in Western countries also. Lots of people used to buy anarkali suits online from India. Before you buy a anarkali suit online you should do thoroughly research about product. Some websites sell the anarkali suits in very cheaper quality. So you should talk to their customer service representative before buying online. If you satisfied with the customer care executive only then you should go ahead to avoid the disappointment.

Anarkali suits and dresses in India are worn on wedding day as well as on daily basis also. There are different types of designs are available for anarkali suits online to suits the occasion and taste of the buyer. Party wear and wedding anarkali suits mostly have the embroideries on the full frock while on casual anarkali suits can be printed or with less embroidery. There are tons of designs and varieties available for Anarkali suits and dresses in India and online too.

Indian women which are settled in overseas still have passion for ethnic dresses like Anarkali suits which are extremely beautify their personality. Anarkali suits and dresses in India are the biggest example of comeback of a vintage fashion which silhouettes best feminine look that make it popular among women. Undoubtedly Anarkali dresses are the best outfit for an ideal women.


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