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Bridal wear Tips

Posted on December 10 2013

What is traditional attire for an all out Bengali bride in Kolkata? Has this changed over the years? Are modern brides going for a more contemporary look?

The traditional attire for Bengali brides is a white saree with a red broad border,its a plain saree with a stark red border. the saree is draped in the "BENGALI STYLE".

Over the years the traditional outfit has changed though, brides prefer wearing embroidered red or colorful saree with lot of tanking on it. Brides prefer being more loud and bold than being simple. Modern brides are going for a more contemporary look rather than sticking to their traditional values.


Is the 'designer wear' culture a part of the city, apart from Sabyasachi who is a well known Kolkata designer, are there any other names that you could list for bridal wear?

Nowadays clients look at value for money with the quality aspect. 'Designer wear' culture is a part of every city, be it Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata etc but the only difference is women are looking at viable ensemble so the they can take out the worth of it. There are lot of designers dealing with couture line.

At Panache Haute Couture we hear the bride,know the bride and then keeping in mind her requirements a bridal outfit is customized. A lot of emphasis is laid on the the client's body type to make sure that she can carry off the bridal outfit very gracefully. For us FIT AND FALL of the outfit is very is the key factor. The only policy which is important for us is client's satisfaction.

Is it a good idea for brides to visit different cities to select their outfits and shop for their trousseau?

Visiting other cities for trousseau enables us to get variety in our shopping. It's very important to have a blend of culture in your outfit to break the monotony, so its very good to be experimental with your sense of styling.

Lastly any tips for brides for their trousseau shopping?

Experiment with a variety of designers rather than sticking to one designer, this will help the bride to get more style,different cuts and different look. With us we have a entire range for anarkali, draped gowns, capes, palazzo, sarees with jacket etc which can complete your trousseau shopping.


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