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What should I wear on my Best friend's marriage?

Posted on December 06 2013

Weddings are the perfect Indian festival – traditional, fun, colourful and joyous! And when someone you’re really close to is getting married…well, nothing can top that!

So, your best friend is getting married. You’re the bridesmaid. Besides helping and aiding her on the big day, you can also help her look fabulous. Planning is never underrated - we suggest that all the bridesmaids wear colours from the same colour family – the bride can either choose to contrast it or match it – either way, you (and the photos) will look absolutely gorgeous!

The bridesmaid has to look spectacular but should never overshadow the bride! To avoid such fashion faux pas, Panache suggests strong colours in rich fabrics such as raw silk and velvet. Wear simpler ensembles with stunning colour contrasts and dramatic silhouettes. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll also enjoy the wedding fully unburdened!

Pair a chic chiffon sari with a corset – you’ll immediately stand out from the rest. Experiment with draping styles – pleating the sari around the side instead of the front? Why not! Indulge in sheer lehengas – they look gorgeous and are perfect for dancing the night away...



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