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Tips To Help You To Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

Posted on July 30 2018

Wedding is the most vital day in our life. Everyone has been dreaming and thinking about this special day and it is all coming true! They want to make it special day. In this article, you will find some interesting tips that will surely help to make your wedding memorable.

Keep a wedding diary: Make sure to write down all necessary appointment dates in dairy, so that you not forget to do anything or miss any appointment.

Make a folder: Make a folders according and then create sections for venues, one for invitations, flowers, dresses, photographers etc. Place any statements, data or clippings you gather from magazines, ads, and so forth into areas for simple reference later on in the arranging procedure. Arranging everything early, abandons you less focused on, prevents you from turning into a 'bridezilla', and enables you to appreciate the experience of sorting out your own wedding.

Save the date cards: Make sure to save the date cards and send it early to you family and friends to ensure that they will available to attend your wedding day. Send them to all guests as your wedding date has fixed.

Guest Accommodation: You will also need accommodation where your guests will stay. Because if your wedding is out of town or countryside then make sure to book the hotels in advance before wedding. Guests will really appreciate the help with these arrangements and also include details on a printed card .

Some necessary items for the wedding day: Make sure someone close to the bride has an emergency kit that includes bandaids, painkillers or some special medications that may be required in emergency.  Baby wipes are also necessary for the bridal to use as they are good to remove makeup and other marks from wedding dress without leaving stains. Also include crochet hooks that help you with your wedding dress buttons and hooks. Wedding footwear is very uncomfortable very quickly so wear some other flat sandals for few time before the wedding around home.

Weather watch: Check out the weather forecast carefully for your wedding day weather. Also check out the wedding reception venue as to wet weather options for you and your guests parking and arrival.

Wedding flowers: Wedding flowers are also vital part for wedding venue decor. Try to choose orchid  flowers which will enhance the beauty of venue. Choose some royal colors in flowers that will add the royalty in wedding and everyone feels fresh.


Wedding gown:  No doubt, wedding gown is the most special momento for wedding day. Make sure to select your wedding gowns in advance before the marriage has been fixed. Also try it before buy.

So, guys these are some useful tips which will surely help you to make your wedding day special.

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