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Three Ways You Can Spice Up Your Office Fashion

Posted on April 09 2018

Be it the time you kicked Monday blues out of the door or charmed that special someone with your wit, we can all say that good things at work happened (co-incidentally) when we dressed to kill! If you don’t believe it, try yourself.

The woes and excitement of choosing the perfect office-wear are but aplenty. If our love for all things sartorial has taught us anything, it is that passion-for-fashion could both be boon and bane. You know what I am talking about- #SheDidNotWakeUpLikeThat. I mean, you'd have to be a Disney princess to wake up singing just for the joy that it's Monday and try on different outfits before heading out, with a smile on your face and then settling with the best of the lot. Nope! What really happens is that 7 out of 10 times you run late to office just because you could find nothing good enough to put on even with a wardrobe full of clothes. And if that's the case, this article is just for you.

Since, the question 'what to wear at work?' is pertinent to not just one day but five, you actually have to take a deep breath and get your creative and fashionably-inclined head to work. We have curated a few office-fashion looks that you can try out. Most of the items you can find in your wardrobe and which you can't you can always find them online or on your nearby stores.

The Classic Look

It is easy, it is simple and it's never out of fashion but the only problem with this look is that it may make you look a bit drab. But remember that formal wear can never go wrong.

The trick is to glamorize your classic business look is by adding a statement piece or just a little something that will add fun; it could be your bag, shoes, a piece of jewelry like the girl above is wearing, a quirky hair-do, a funky watch or anything.

The Semi-Formal Look

If jeans and casual wears dominate your wardrobe, you can choose this look any day. It is the perfect laid-back business look and it offends no one. Striking just the right balance between 'men-in-black' and the hipster, you can pull off a semi-formal look with a pair of shorts, a nice pair of heels or comfy sneakers, a smart feminine top and a blazer to add the formal flavor. Don't forget to experiment with accessories and bags, depending on your job.

The Traditional Look

This look never fails. You can never go wrong with a nice comfy kurti or even a salwar suit. And if you want to take it up a notch higher by wearing a saree, you can literally have one of those days of 'dressed to kill'. You can visit your Panache Haute Couture to find the perfect Ethnic wear to wear at office.

Choosing jewelry to go with traditional wear can get a bit tricky though. Just remember to pick what's small and simple but has gravitas.


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