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Saris Are The Main Highlight Of The Indian Fashion Week

Posted on April 09 2019

India’s fashion season has been started in the capital Delhi and country’s top designers have again made a great contribution to Indian fashion by showcasing their latest collection on the runway. Yet again, the Indian fashion designers have never failed to lure us to the glazing fashion world. Not only that, the designers have also attracted the export markets for Indian Haute Couture.

It’s not a one day thing. Before the designers take their models to ramp, they have to go through the days of planning, fittings, hairdo, makeup and unlimited sessions to experiment with the walking style, looks, postures, and the choreography. This is how a design looks so perfect on the ramp.

Top fashion icons and models participated in Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week and the show celebrated the sari symbolizing the old-age traditional outfit.

"As a long piece of fabric, it's not easy to drape, a lot of designers have worked on it over time and it is being styled differently to inspire the younger generation to wear," Vaishali S., a Mumbai-based designer, said about the sari.

But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part was when we saw the designers presenting unlimited ways to wearing saris pairing them up with western styles, draping in different ways, and reconstructed in most innovative ways.

The show finale was definitely a tribute to the sari, worn by the runway models in modern, reconstructed forms, along with the most unconventional jewelry and accessories against striking backdrops.

Vaishali said the saris on the runway paid tribute to the great variety across India of "weaves, textures, drapes and fabrics with every state and every village having its own strongly distinct and contemporary style, alive and evolving."

At the end, avid fashionistas in the audience blended in with fashion models as buyers thronged the stalls of designers, who offered their creations for sale, pret-a-porter.


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