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Love Makeup? These 7 Makeup Tips Can Be Life Saver for You

Posted on May 01 2018

The endless domain of makeup and beauty secrets is boundless like imaginations- the more you learn, the more you want to know! So whether you are a beginner or a makeup veteran, the curiosity to learn some amazing beauty tricks might always remain with you. Enhance your beauty with the help of these 7 amazing makeup tricks.

Applying foundation


Bid farewell to that unnatural cakey looking foundation appearance- it is something you have to start avoiding from today. For a natural look, put some foundation all across your face, wipe foundation around your cheeks, and create a subtle layer of blush around your cheeks. Through this way, you can easily bring life back to your cheeks.

Eye Makeup

eye makeup

People who have long, lush and lashy eyes can complement their beauty with the help of coloured contact lenses. Since much of the makeup is not required for them, they can simple chose a pair of big eye contact lenses to add the fantastic dose of charm in their eyes. Use fresh mascara (anything that is not more than a month's old) and sweep it in an upward direction.

Choose multi-use product and beauty hacks

By far, this is the best trick to save your time and money. For instance, you can mix and match few shades to create the desired impact. Choose pink for lip shade, cream for base and gold to brighten your face. Define your cheeks with a slight darker shade.

Hide those dark circles

It is general for the under eye area to get hydrated! Counter the situation with the use of absorbing eye cream, and allow a smooth appearance. You can also use corrector to negate the effect of skin tones. Most of the people prefer using few tints of concealer with the foundation, which as a practice is absolutely okay.

Smoky hot lipstick

Nothing is sexier than a hot red pout! Use lip liner, lip brush and apply lipstick with utmost precision. A subtle coat of concealer in your bare lips will help your lipstick to last longer. Also, you can use concealer to erase lipstick that is overdone.


Though most of the time we avoid eyebrow makeup, it is vital to give importance to eyebrows because they can create a defining statement. Settle your eyebrows with a comb, use clean mascara, and give them a natural bend. Most of the people are in the habit of using brow pencils, which is good as a makeup practice.

The Bronze Glow

No matter what the season might be, the hot bronze glow is throughout timeless. For a perfect bronze glow, sweep bronzer across your temples, beneath the cheekbones and along the side of your face. The bronze color should be kept away from the center of the face (otherwise it will start giving an older look).


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