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Lotus Makeup Indian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Posted on October 11 2019

Fashion Designer, Nanette Lepore said, When it comes to the fashion, I think, it’s time to hit refresh. That is the thing that runway shows are about - we abandon the old and make new ones. 

So with fall drawing nearer, the much-anticipated style week in Delhi goes a score up with its 34th release which is themed #MyFashionMyTribe. The design week observer a one of a kind grandstand of assorted variety with cooperation from underrepresented states.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) brings Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 with partner supports EbixCash, the Indian backup of Atlanta-based worldwide.

The fashion week is going on from October 9 and end on October 13. In this fashion week, more than 100 designers are participating through putting up stalls. The design occasion promotes inclusivity as models are breaking all generalizations and industry's prohibitive principles to promote decent variety in the fashion sector. Let’s have a look

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