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Kareena Kapoor Khan Different Stylish Look That Will Give You Vogue Inspiration

Posted on July 17 2019

There are many divas who are well known into the the best dressed lists, there are the individuals who sharpen their abilities to win the title, and after that there is Kareena Kapoor Khan. The 38-year-old beautiful diva makes a style each time she ventures out—regardless of whether she's getting lunch with her sisters in Bandra or picnicking with the family in London's Hyde Park. 

Kapoor Khan has consistently appreciated a prime spot on the style symbol platform inferable from the sheer wattage of their inborn star control. Ahead, Ghavri gets authentic with Vogue about the actor style tendencies, uncovering everything from her sworn top choices to her safeguard looks. 

"Kareena's aesthetic has consistently been 'toning it down would be best'— she's a jeans and T-shirt at heart. She'll mess around with her looks yet never bargain on comfort for design. 

Kareena is the only diva I realize who isn't styled for the airport. It's not the sort of thing she will start to sweat over. She has a stunning wardrobe.


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