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Jennifer Parker and Sunny Kakwani’s New York Wedding and Guess Who Was the Designer

Posted on April 09 2018

Recently, Panache Haute Couture got a chance to design for a lavish wedding event in New York when two love birds – Jennifer Parker and Sunny Kakwani tied a knot to make it one of the most happening weddings of the era. This lavish wedding was featured in USA’s leading magazine “Spring/Summer 2018 Issue” & USA’s most reputed blog and this multi-day event was venerated with a stunning and lovable video compilation.

This video was shot by none other than Joseph Minasi Studios that has been founded by USA’s award-winning filmmaker Joseph Minasi. The studio itself holds the reputation for capturing the heavenly and most gorgeous wedding moments to make the D-Day even more special.

How these love birds met?

You know how the 21st century love stories start, don’t you? Obviously they met online on internet back then in 2014. Their virtual connection then turned to an emotional bond and grew stronger with time. They clicked immediately and decided to meet in person after a week. Before meeting face-to-face, there was a lot of anticipation and excitement in their hearts as mentioned by Jenny.

After meeting for a cocktail at a speakeasy, that initial online connection was confirmed. “I knew there was magic there,” Jen says. Then the couple visited Jen’s family in Portland.

Going Down On One-Knee

On one of the perfect mornings, when the sun shined brighter than it used to do, Sunny took Jenny to her favorite place over to the city’s popular Rose Garden.

As he led her way down to a breathtaking vista looking out at Mt. Hood, he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

“Time froze. I burst into a smile-cry and nodded ‘Yes,’” Jen says. “I soon noticed all of my loved ones emerge from their hiding spots with cheers, tears and hugs. It was so thoughtfully planned—an incredibly special moment he gave me.”

Two Cultures, One Love

Sunny and jenny both belonged to different backgrounds as Sunny is of Sindhi Heritage who was born in New Delhi and raised in New York while Jenny belongs to a Christian family and grew up in Oregon.

Jenny Planned a Perfect Indian Wedding for Sunny

Jen really worked hard to make this D-Day special for Sunny and therefore she decided to plan an Indian wedding that brought culture authenticity to both of them. She researched about the celebrations, ceremonies, décor, dress, food, dance, and even the smallest elements of Indian wedding. Guess who she chose for her wedding attire? Yes, it was Panache Haute Couture. Jenny wanted the wedding to be perfect and how could it be perfect without wedding attire for the bride and groom. She told us about her specifications, likes, dislikes, and color preferences, and our incredible team of designers didn’t missed the opportunity to woo yet another bride with the excellent lehenga.

We were proud to be the part of Jenny’s and Sunny’s most special day and helped them bring on the most unforgettable celebration in most beautiful wedding dresses of the era.


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