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How to Wear T-Shirt As a Curvy Fashionista?

Posted on May 08 2018

Everybody owns a t-shirt in their closet, I mean, who doesn't? The t-shirt is technically the most basic item of clothing anyone would have in his or her wardrobe. Whether you are a male or female, you are surely bound to have a t-shirt. When it comes to dressing up, there are just some days wherein we feel so lazy to rummage through our rack just to pull out decent clothing. If only it was really that possible to walk out the door just wearing a t-shirt right? What if I told you that you can actually do such a thing? In this article, we will be guiding you on how to wear your tee for the soul boutique clothing as easy as slipping on your slippers in the morning!

Wrap a denim skirt around your waist

Channel out your inner 90's grunge by picking out any t-shirt whether black or white and wrapping a denim skirt around your waist to help define it and give you more of that hourglass silhouette illusion. As a curvy fashionista, it is important to always define your waist to make you look more put-together in a sense.

Wear it under a sundress

Feel like your sundress is too revealing? Wear a t-shirt under your sundress to help warm yourself up if it is too chilly outside to wear a sundress. Plus, this outfit combination is perfect for those reserved girlies out there who do not want to show too much skin when going out and dressing up.

With a high-waisted pair of shorts

What else is more comfortable other than wearing your favorite shirt with your jeans? Not only is it easy breezy to move around, but this default fashion combination perfect for the curvy fashionista can be easily pulled off. You will surely look cute wherever you go!

Tuck it under a denim skirt

Play with your style by wearing your t-shirt by tucking it in under a denim skirt to help define your waist. Also, who can resist the cuteness of a denim skirt? Plus the '90s is definitely back in fashion so you can definitely stay trendy with this combination!

Wear it with your culottes

Culottes are definitely back in style and there's a reason why, the simple elegance that it offers the wear is just undeniably mesmerizing. Who said you would have to look utterly girly just to look sophisticated? By matching your plain t-shirt with the perfect pair of culottes, you are definitely photo-ready for that IG post!

Match it with a vibrant-colored pair of pants

So how does one spice up her wardrobe? Easy, just wear your favorite vibrant-colored pants to surely give your plain outfit some life and love that it deserves! If you do not have a pair in your closet, then you should surely head on to the mall or online stores now to get your own as this item of clothing does come in handy when you feel too lazy to put together a decent outfit.


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