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How To Make Your Eyebrows Go Perfectly With Different Hair Colors

Posted on April 12 2018

One of the major fashion blunders involves not coordinating your brows with your hair color and ending up becoming the talk of the town, or the media. Remember that they are ruthless and spare no one, not even Angelina Jolie got a free pass when her makeup was little less-than-perfect. Every season brings new hairstyles with them; while many people like to keep up-to-date with it, they forget the tiny details with big consequences, their eyebrows.

Unfortunately, you can act on your instincts when it comes to deciding how to match, or not to match, your eyebrows with your hair color. So, here's a guide for all those who are planning to rock a new hair style soon:

1. Redheads


Redheads never had it easy. However, with the right hair and makeup, they can rule the world, which is why people dye their hair red all the time. That's where the tricky part comes; the eyebrows. The best option is to get thick, natural looking brows and then, dying them a color just a shade lighter than the hair. Fake-looking eyebrows won't do; they have to appear natural.

2. Blonde


Blondes have a wide variety of options to style their eyebrows. Since their hair is light and fair, they can either have eyebrows which are light or dark. In fact, darker eyebrows for blondes help them make their eyes pop-out. They can even opt for brownish-colored ones, the definition of nice eyebrows. But, there are occasions where your eyebrows may appear to be way darker against your pale skin and an even lighter hair color, which again would be a mistake. In order to even it out, it is best to soften the color a bit; not the shade but the tone so that it all compliments each other nicely. Have a look at Gigi Hadid's eyebrows as your guide.

3. Brunette


Brunettes are free to go darker when it comes to their brows; they can even make them way darker than their hair color. Make sure your eyebrows are thick; however, if they are thin, consider getting replacement eyebrows for a better look. No matter how dark you go, if you have thin or balding eyebrows, it will dampen your entire look.

4. Raven


Raven goes with raven. If you are born with ink-black hair, your brows will be naturally black too. You can, however, make them darker to intensify your scorching looks. And if you are dying your hair black, never forget to attend to your eyebrows. Another tone or too lighter a shade looks horrible on black hair. Let Kendal Jenner be your inspiration for the raven hair; if you copy her hair style, copy her brows too.

Always pay attention to your eyebrows when you go for a new hairstyle and hair color. Few fashion crimes are worse than the hair and eyebrows not matching.



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