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Get The Cool Idea For Outfits From Ranveer Singh

Posted on February 14 2019

If you love fashion and love to wear trendy and cool clothes, then don’t take care about rules. Just wear outfit which you love. From the leopard print to Disney inspired faux fur, the only rule in Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe for Gully Boy promotion - is that there are no rules.

As you all know that Ranveer Singh played the role of rapper who works his way up from the ghetto to hip hop scene. Nitasha Gaurav who has been working with Ranveer Singh as his personal stylist says that “ People often ask me where we come up with these outfit combinations from, but the truth is that when you are working with somebody like Ranveer Singh, there is no holding back. You can’t put him in blue jeans and a white shirt or a somber black suit. His wardrobe is larger than life because that is what his personality is. In all the years that we’ve worked together, he’s never refused to try anything on; it’s all about pushing the envelope further and testing new boundaries.”

Check out the some cool collection of Ranveer Singh below:


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