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Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Make Up

Posted on April 12 2018

A wedding is an event that is full of celebrations, get-togethers, food, pictures, good clothes, and of course outstanding makeup. This is the memory of a lifetime and thus every bride wants to look picture perfect so that she can embrace her attire and makeup for the life time.

Why makeup should be your prime focus?

Most of the times a bride choose perfect bridal dress and extra-perfect jewelry on her D-Day. Amidst all this, what goes wrong is the makeup that can spoil the entire look for a bride. The leading makeup artists would suggest you to go for a minimal and subtle makeup using the simple beauty tricks that have simply become the trendsetters for the modern era.

To simply put, a bright radiance on face, a gorgeous hairdo, gorgeous lipstick, and perfectly put mascara is something that you need to look special on your wedding day. Only then your appearance will be worthy of the compliments that you are dying to receive.

Here are some important do’s of your bridal makeup:

1.      Stay Classic

stay classic

Don’t fall for the trends because they often let you down. Be the classic bride that you have always wished to be. You see, trends come and go but the class stays. Follow this advice and you will love your pictures every time you see your wedding album.

2.      Keep the Skin Tone Warm

warm skin tone

Most of brides overdo the foundation to look fair. That’s the biggest mistake you will ever make. Indian brides look best in warm skin tone. Thus, use bronzer to perfect your look.

3.      Highlight the Right Parts

Highlights right part

For this, you need a bristle brush and apply the bright color to the areas that would shine when the sunlight hits your face. These areas are your forehead, cheeks, bridge of your nose, and the mid tip of your upper lip. Light dusting in these areas will define you look better.

4.      Never Skip the Primer

use primer

You must apply a gel foundation primer so that your foundation can stay for a long time. It’s better to add a little dusting of loose powder to get rid of unwanted shine on your face. Golden tones bases and concealers are best.

5.      Use lighter and Cleaner Colors

use primer

The lighter and cleaner color will give your face a natural radiance rather than over-whitening it. The muted tones will work best for you.

Some don'ts for a bride:

  1. Don’t go for waxing and facial right before the wedding. All of this must be done 5-7 days before your D-Day. This period must be given to your face for getting enough rest.
  2. Do not go for any makeup surprises or experiments on your wedding day. Finalize your makeup at least four weeks before the wedding. Do consult an expert consultant for that.
  3. While going for a makeup trial for your wedding day, do not forget to carry the photograph of your bridal wear and the jewelry. A lot of your makeup will depend on what kind of dress and jewelry you will wear.
  4. Do not overcorrect your under-eye bags. Of course you don’t want to look like a plastic doll on your D-Day and have this thing shine brighter than rest of your face in wedding album.
  5. Never ever get carried away with the shimmer highlights and the makeup that refracts light. This will give you a highly reflective shine and your wedding album will be the biggest fail of your life.
  6. Always wear makeup according to your skin tone. Whatever you skin tone is, do not try to change it. You will look very fake.

Always keep these dos and don’ts in your mind before wearing a bridal makeup and I promise that you won’t regret you D-Day look ever.


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