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Best Manicure Hacks for Women Who Are Lazy AF

Posted on April 05 2018

Do nail design at home and give it an attractive look is easier to say than do. It is not a matter that how still you try to hold your hands or how creativity you get with your nail tools; it just seems to turn out as good as when a pro does it. If you are right handed then usually your left hand comes better than your right hand. Also, it's hard to make your both hands equally attractive and beautiful at home.

After a long hard work if you do not get a perfect nail then it makes you frustrated and also stops you from doing nail design at home further. Beautifully designed nails are a demanding thing for every beautiful girl but we don't have enough time to invest on out nails, so here some brilliant manicure hacks to make to get instant attraction within a very short time.

Getting a Perfect Finish

Perfect nailpaint finish

The hardest thing during a manicure work is getting a perfect and clear finish. We may complete the whole manicure work at home but at the end when our finishing work cheats us then the whole thing became ugly and bad looking. To give a clear finish it is important to take help from some normal ways. To make sure that your nail polish does not bleed outside from your nail bed, you just need to take some glue and make an outline around the cuticle with a small nail brush. Then just paint your nails as usual and after that just remove the glue from your cuticle. You will definitely get a perfect finish and it will give you a perfect attraction.

Avoiding Chipped Nails

chipped nails

If you are doing your nail manicure at home then you should give extra care when you are doing it. But the reality is that, no matter how careful you are, a chipped nail will definitely disturb you. After that our concentration becomes unstable and we have to give focus on fixing it. So, at the end of the day, we get a nail manicure which is just not that what we wanted. For a quick fix of a chipped nail, you just need to follow some little things. Apply glitter polish over the nail. The glitter will instantly hide any imperfection and also helps to add a fun accent to your nails. You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle. Also, you don't need to take worry about removing stubborn glitter polish.

Color Selection

Nail color selection

Natural colored nails are always classic selections for those who want to give a natural look but if you want to make your nails eye caching, then you have to follow some different methods. In many cases, during the manicure we face problem on color selection. It makes us confuse and at least if we use a wrong color then it makes our nails less attractive and not a matched selection with our dress. If you need to fun, bold as well as bright look then you should go for the bright colors. Bright and fun colors offer an eye-catching attraction. You just need to follow some basic ways to make your nail bright. Just simply apply a white base coat and give it some time drying. After that, use your selected bright color on it. These small tricks can make your nails more attractive and also can give you a clear and well-finished homemade look.

So, next time you plan doing manicure at home, do not forget these tips at all.


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