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Best Curvy Outfits Ideas For Girls. Checkout Some Pictures

Posted on April 24 2019

Mostly your body shape dictate what you should have to wear. There are some over sized women who want to wear some stylish and designer dresses in which they look stunning but due to belly fat they become unable to wear it. In this blog, you will read about some curvy outfits.

Shyma Shetty (Designer): Shyma Shetty enjoy fashion and her body as well. She carry such type of dresses with full of confidence. She said that such dresses makes you feel happy and that it’s more comfortable and occasion appropriate. As you all know that oversized silhouettes are in huge trend right now. She mostly prefer to wear shoes with this look.

The material has to be right, too. Try not to mask the curves with layers. Show skin by highlighting a favorite body part.

Kritika Gill (Makeup and Hairstylist) She mostly prefer to highlight her shoulders and neck. She most of conscious about her arms and stomach and she avoid to showing them.

She concerns about all the fabrics in which she looks frumpy. But she really feels great and comfortable. Brigitte Bardot wore stripes best. She was simple and effective. Carry out the small coin bag with such look.

Ragini Ahuja (Designer) She love her collarbones and shoulders and she likes to emphasis this when dressing. The dress look versatile and ethereal. She wear lot of separate but first time in all white. I would love to splurge in all white pantsuit.


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