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5 Work Wear Wardrobe Hacks Every Professional Must Know!

Posted on May 09 2018

Western Work wear for women can be the handiest, if worn intelligently. If you want your work wear to look absolutely immaculate and not take much time, smart western wear combinations can save the day for you. Here are 5 instant hacks that you could use while sporting western work wear.

1. The secret of tucking your pants in your boots

This'll be of great help if bootlegs are a part of your work wear wardrobe. Just fold your trousers up above your ankles; then wrap the folded area towards one side and smoothen it out by wearing a pair of socks on top. Now, slip your feet into those gorgeous pair of high boots and strut around in style. This work wear combination of straight fit trousers and high boots can make your office wear really trendy.

2. Layering cleverly with camisoles

Okay try this, and we guarantee you'll look a size slimmer in your work wear! Wear a form-fitting camisole on top of your shirt. This'll add shape to your tummy, making it look slimmer than before. In fact, if your button-down is a bit baggy, this can be particularly helpful. Plus, it can hide the outline of your buttons. Score!

3. Choosing the perfect neckline for the perfect necklace

Accessories are like icing on the cake, especially in case of work wear. And necklaces can instantly glam-up any outfit you decide to wear to work on a particular day. Wondering which necklace to match with which neckline? Here are few tips: If you're wearing turtlenecks, long chains and pendants will go best. Match a choker with a strapless dress, and wear long beads with boat necks. V-shaped pendants go best with v-necks, and deep round necks are your best bet for statement neckpieces.

4. Tying that scarf right


Although there are like a thousand ways to tie your scarves, you know that sticking to a few classic styles is all you need to get that perfect office wear look. Try the knotted style. Or the infinity loop. Once you try them, you'd be swearing by these styles especially for work wear. They not only go with everything you wear (skirts, dresses and pants); they also always stay in place. Brownie points for that!

5. Getting the perfect laidback cuffed sleeve look

Try this out with your denim button downs or tunics on days when you want to give your work wear a casual spin. Just fold the sleeves up, and then roll the remaining portion up to the cuff area but not including it. Next, tug at the corners of the cuff a little bit to make it stand straight and pointy. Now finish it off by scrunching your sleeves. Voila! You've got yourself a super-laidback look for casual Saturdays at work.

Keep checking our blog for such interesting fashion and beauty hacks to become your own fashion diva. Never forget to create your own unique style using our exceptionally well fashion hacks.


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