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5 Things To Look Forward To At The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week 2019

Posted on March 14 2019

Fashion is something that breathes the life into what we wear on daily basis. It gives us something new to embrace about our personality and looks. Perhaps, that’s why we always look forward to every fashion week happening in the world to appreciate the work designers have done for us.

Let’s have a look at what we are looking forward to at The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week 2019:

Diksha Khanna revamping the denim

Diksha Sharma is going to present her line Hadith where she is going to bring denim sarees into the limelight and we’re really very excited to have a look on what she has done with the fabric. We have been eagerly waiting for her quilted handloom denim fabric patterned with khadi and zari.

Vaishali Brings Out Forgotten Textile From Karnataka

Seems like Vaishali Shadangule is on a mission to save the art from the centuries-old weave, Khun from Guledgudda, Karnataka. Vaishali’s collection will be the modern interpretation of the traditional aesthetics to draw the attention of fashion world.

Huemn Is Going To Bring Genderless Fashion

Designers Shyma Shetty and Pranav Mishra are going to present the non-binary clothing meant for both the genders. Beautifully handmade surfaces recreating photographs are casually paired with athleisure details and fabrics such as denim and fleece. The collection also features hand-cut rubber and leather appliqué and stunning photographic prints. Featuring strong separates with comfortable, understated and unique detailing, the collection has been paired with Alter the Icons (ATI) shoe styles by Reebok Classic India.

Amrich Is Bringing Up a beautiful Tale with Shibori & Stripes

Designers Amit Vijaya and Richard Pandav aim to create an immaculate confluence of shapes, fabrics, colours and surfaces with Indian handloom and craft traditions. The exquisite natural textiles have been specially developed in different parts of the country in khadi cotton, wool, silks and silk blends. Interesting fabric manipulations have been created with thick khadi cotton yarn woven with tussar silk and elegant shibori patterns.  The colour palette is subdued yet bold in shades of black, red, blue and green. Hand-embroideries with thread work and beads and handmade metal sequins add an element of interest to the elegant textiles.

Pankaj & Nidhi seamlessly blend art with fashion

The designers worked their graphic sensibilities to make a collection revolving around florals, origami like geometric patterns on rich taffeta, silk velvets and organza. Handcut petals and discs, squares and trellises in fabric and metallic faux leather have been created to embellish the pieces. The shapes are modern – off shoulder jumpsuits, voluminous winter coats, sportswear-inspired sweatshirt dresses and tops, layered with transparent trenches and ruffled evening blouses.


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