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5 Super Stylish Ways to Wear a Crop Top

Posted on April 26 2018

The collection of a whole new assortment of tops is a method to make up a style statement. Creating the uniqueness is the key to successful fashionista.

The fashionable upper clothing

If you go to an online website or if you go through any market, you will see a number of colorful and abstract clothing of different size and shapes. A top is basically the upper portion of the two-piece clothing stretching from either from necks or shoulder and ending at midriff or waist. There are various kinds of upper wear available.

Currently, if you look through a number of e-commerce portals and happening shopping centers, then you will find that most of the time, every woman, and girl irrespective of the age is opting for Crop Tops. Surfing through the collection of online crop tops, you can find various colorful and trendy crops all over. Various brands and designers are now coming up with newer designs and sleek looks. These clothing are now common sight from the street to the fashion parades.

The various kinds and classifications

Wearing the online crop tops right way is vital to make it look chic instead of making it absurd. The clothing gives full emphasis on the midriff and waistline of the body. So it is a bit tricky to style up the clothing in bold and classic manner. Some of the ways to style up the quotient are:

Going High Waist

Crop Top with High Waist

The most popular and the classic way to up the game is to pair up the crop with trousers, or midi with high waist size. One of the popular ways to wear it for the semi-formal look is to pair its long sleeved version with a classic trouser and a medium heel shoe.

First Timers

If you are new to the arena of this clothing and are little confused about carrying it, then you can initially start by wearing a high length one with the light woolen material. The higher length would not bare the whole mid portion, but just give a slight glimpse of your waistline.

Fusion Magic

Give a touch of the Oriental look to your outfit by opting for a classic crop and pairing it with a bright and colorfully designed and printed Long Skirts. Perfect for any occasions and party, it will make a great style statement with intricate motifs on the skirt.

Casual cliché

For all the casual wearers and jeans lovers out there, you can pair them up with long and buttoned shirts or a soft and contrasting shrugs. Upping up with your jeans, you can accessorize your look by either wearing colorful danglers or just by wearing a stunning neckpiece around your neck. You are ready for the day.

For party and bold look

If you are a party animal and like to prowl around the party destinations with your bold and confident look, then wear skinny jeans or leggings. Top of that wears a double layered cold-shouldered short top baring all your midriff section. You are ready to rock the party.

This is the type of ladies clothing ends just above the midriff. The sleeve comes in various sizes as with the shoulder and neck size. They were in fashion and highly in craze during the era of 1980's and then suddenly dropped at later 90's. But now with new experiments and fashion idea, they are back with a bang.


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