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5 Serious Saree Wearing Mistakes to Ruin Your Look

Posted on April 16 2019

No matter how you look, sarees do wonder on any women. You look attractive, charming & noticeable in every bit. But it is possible only when you drape the saree well. This 3-piece attire needs some precautions while draping, accessorising and styling. Saree is a 6-yard long fabric which gives much space to experiment your look but at the same time, it needs you to focus on the mistakes you do while draping. Let's find those mistakes that can do while wearing the traditional wear.

Wearing It Too High or Low

The draping is primarily depended on your belly fat and shape of your body. The waist curve plays an important role.

If you are 5 feet 5 inches, lean and trim, choose to tie the saree at your lower waist.

If you are 5 feet 7 inches or above with toned and lean figure, then avoid tying it too low. It will not look so elegant than it is supposed to look. You can wear a little bit high to give balance to the entire look.

Pleated Inappropriately

More or less, the mistake can ruin your look. Be careful about pleating. It should not look like a bundle at the naval area. The pleats should be flat and tuck to your tummy nicely.

In case you are below 5 feet 5 inches, don't make more than 4-5 pleats.

An ideal pleating is around 6-7 with 5 inches wide. While pleating and tucking, keep the whole pleats parallel. You can apply a pin to keep the alignment straight and parallel or apply light ironing over them.

Be Careful about Pallu Draping

There many different ways to drape a pallu around. You will have to analyse which style complements your look.

You can wear with an open fall, but this style looks good on tall figure women.

Make slim pleats and make sure the border of the saree is not hiding.

Avoid using so many safety pins or pins to tie the pallu. You can use designer brooches to hold the pallu pleats together.

Keep the pallu size not too short or too long. The ideal length is 5-7 inches.

Unfit Blouses

Blouses play an important role in enhancing your look in sarees. Your blouse should not be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, the body fat can be revealed. The neck size of the blouse should be accurate. Unfit neck size can provide dull look.

Wrong Petticoat

The petticoat you are wearing should be matched to your saree colour. Choose a sleek design petticoat instead of flared design as it will make you look fat and shapeless. It is not necessary that only cotton petticoat will work. You can wear satin petticoat too with net, georgette and chiffon saris.


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