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3 Coolest Ways to Rock Cotton Skirts in Summer

Posted on April 30 2018

One of the most versatile pieces in every woman's summer wardrobe is the skirt. Not only will one keep you cool and elegant on the hottest of days, but the right style just has that way of elevating any ensemble instantly. It flatters every type of body and woman of every age. You can check out the diverse class of designer skirts online that can upgrade your wardrobe.

While you may already have your own favorite way of styling long skirt, new inspiration never hurt anyone. That is why we have rounded up some latest tips of dressing up these skirts that will make you as glamorous as a ramp model.

The first step to wearing a long skirt is to pump you up. No matter how tall or short are you, they can look equally awesome on you. With the inappropriate shirt, top or blouse, a long skirt can transform you into a sack or a boring school teacher. You can team up a skirt with a crop top as it will tone down the drama and give you an edge.

Cropped tops look chic with a high-waist long skirt

crop top with long skirt

You can tie up the top button as it will give you extra cute look. Pick a top that has a knot as it will bring out the feminine side of your personality. You can find various printed skirts online to get some serious style inspiration.

Use Your Creativity

tank top with long skirt

Use your creativity and styling sense because skirts are so long, that you can get away with anything turning into a top. If you have a body hugging tank top or a dress, you can pair it as a top with your long skirt.

Alleviate Your Cotton Maxi Dress

maxi dress with white top

The easiest way to don a cotton maxi dress is to wear it with a white top. No matter which color you like to wear, white is something that looks elegant during summers. It is easy on eyes and goes with every color. Irrespective of your skirt's color, wear a white tank top with your skirt and you are going to turn heads wherever you go. Just make sure your skirt is not of white color.

The long skirt is something that we have always pined for. But there are lots of challenges when you are out to wear it without knowing what -to-wear and what-not-to-wear. Thus follow the simple style tip mentioned above and rock the style.



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