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Pick the Perfect Anarkali Suit According to Your Personality

Posted on September 04 2020

Anarkali Suits is one of the most popular types of Indian ethnic wear that first came to notice and into the fashion industry by legendary Bollywood Celebrity Madhubala. She had worn it in the well-known song "Pyar Kiya the Darna kya" from the grand "Mughal-e-Azam." Following the movie's popularity and the regal attire, it became popular during the 1970's and 80's when the Bollywood stars such as Rekha, Jayaprada, Sridevi, Parveen Babi, Neelam, Madhuri Dixit, and Divya Bharti flourished this attire on the silver screen. These Anarkali Suits have come back strong in the Indian and International fashion arena, thanks to the outstanding designers who have brought trendy innovations to this iconic style.

History of Anarkali 

The Anarkali Suits get its name from the mythical slave girl from Lahore named Anarkali, a regal courtesan at the Mughal Emperor Akbar's court. Legendary Anarkali was buried alive by the emperor for having an illegal relationship with Prince Salim, who later become Emperor Jahangir.   

designer anarkali suits

Origin of Anarkali Suits

Courtesans from Mughal Emperor had mastered the renowned dance form known as Mujra, and they used to perform this dance form in the royal court to amuse the Mughal Kings. These long, flowing dresses wore by the dancers were known as earlier as Mujra Dresses that later came to be known as Anarkali Suits. This dress was worn in memory of the great dancer and true lover Anarkali. 

Anarkali Suits are the timeless piece of clothing that has a special place in every Indian woman’s apparel collection. This Anarkali Suit comprises of a long graceful kurta that is paired with fitted Churidar with an amazing chunni. This origin of Anarkali can be found in the Mughal era, where the women of the Mughal Empire could be seen flaunting in these classy, royal and glamorous suits. Since then, this Anarkali Suits never got out of fashion. 

Thus, women can book Perfect Anarkali Suit from Panache Haute Couture one of the leading fashion house and designer boutiques offering online shopping.  

Anarkali Suit Coordinating to Character: Why?

One of the primary reasons is that there are several plans, for example, hues accessible, and textures out there in the market. In outlook on the broad scope of accessibility, it is essential that women’s pick the most recent Anarkali Suit plans that match their character also. Several ladies imperfectly copy their preferred name in Bollywood and purchase virtually any example of Anarkali that their good models wear, however, is it exceptionally down to earth? Not much. Our bodies vary, character shifts, thus an Anarkali Suit that looks elated on one lady may look inert and dull on another. What’s the arrangement? You have to pick an ideal Anarkali Suit that matches well with your personality.   

anarkali suits

Anarkali for Modest Kind

If you are the modest kind, then the classic Anarkali Suits with their elegant silhouette is an ideal pick for you. The classic Anarkali is most sought after modest ethnic womenswear for a traditional setting. The long sleeves, smaller necklines with radii, and the ankle-frok-top of the suit add the complete idea of minimal exposure of skin, providing the wearer a graceful appearance of enclosed beauty. 

Asymmetric Blaze for the Diva 

Simple alteration from the ethnic Anarkali Silhouette, which maintains all of its meek features while retaining stylish fashion, is the inclusion of asymmetric hemlines. This asymmetric glare for the diva glory can be combined either by merely having an uneven length of frock top/ kurta or with the addition of choppy layers. These allow the wearer to exhibit the designs on the churidar bottom and the cigarette pants, making a favorite choice for the divas.  

Floor Length for the Princes Vibes

The prime reason why Anarkali suits have reserved their connection with royalty even after the impact of hefty influence from the western culture. The fitted body and the widening skirt of the gowns worn by the Victorian era's regal ladies can be easily spotted in the designer floor length Anarkali. With simple flares of add-ons in floral or other daintier designs, these floor-length suits can easily be worn to spring the prince's feelings. 

Pant Style for the Beautiful Kind

Among the most stunning styles of Anarkali suits are these that are with overstated pants. Very often, to exhibit the graceful works on these pants, the combines Anarkali Suits is parted with splits either from the front or side. It is sporadic to find these Anarkali suits with trailing train effects like those found with asymmetric sorts. If you aim for the most fashionable look while donning an Anarkali, you won't get a better style than this slitted sorts with embroidered pants.    

anarkali suit

Anarkalis for Darker Skin Tone

Go for warmer or pastel shades if you have a darker skin tone. Though bright colors may look good on you as more radiant the color, it brings out the skin tone better and pact you with the confidence to carry yourself. Try enhancing the white shades with pink or orange color families adding glitter to your personality. Evade the colors closer to your skin, such as dark colors like blacks, browns, silver, or grays. As it may make your character look unappealing. Neon shade Anarkali Suits are one of the most sought after colors these days and must be part of every girl's wardrobe. 


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