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Explore the Prettiest Range of Designer Sarees Online in US and Australia

Posted on December 06 2017

Every region of the country offers a different style and a different fabric. The fabrics affect the way the saree falls over the body and drapes it. Cotton is the common material used for sarees which is preferred for daily use. Silks are kept for special occasions due to the special look and the uniqueness it renders. Georgettes, crepes, and chiffon can be seen used on fancy sarees that are worn for parties. There are several blends of fabrics that are mixed together such as silk - cotton, raw silk - cotton, tussar silk, etc. which are the latest trends.

Designer Sarees Online

Know the fabrics

Sarees are available in several fabrics and materials. Choosing the fabrics depends on what occasion you want to wear it for. If it is a wedding occasion, you can choose the silks that are available from different regions of the country. There is Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Kota, Paithani, Bangalore silk, Mysore silk, etc.

The georgettes and chiffon are fancier, and you can choose to wear them to casual parties or get-together. You get attractive designs that are very light weight. The fabric is very smooth and flowy that hugs to the figure to give a very feminine look.

Designer Sarees Online

Cotton is the all-time favorite with a great variety that suits every woman. It is great for all occasions as cotton comes blended with raw silk, silk, golden threads for special occasions, embroidery with cotton threads, etc. For daily use, cotton sarees are preferred. The newer fabrics are the net, brasso, crepe, rayon, etc. which are preferred more by the younger women who love to dress up fashionably for parties and other occasions.

Indian fabrics

Every fabric is meant for different occasions as one does not truly wear a pure silk saree to the office. Every fabric has a different finish. While the cotton stays straight and does not limp, the georgette provides a fall and layers. Chiffon hugs the body and net is more an open fabric which is similar to cotton. The typical Indian fabrics that were traditional handmade are still quite in demand, and you can choose traditional sarees made with traditional techniques like Handloom. These sarees have a very soft and subtle look with simple designs and bright colors. With the range of new machinery, however, the demand for contemporary sarees is more. If you want something that goes with the traditional look choose, Irkali, patola, kota, uppada, etc. for that fantastic look which is never going to go out of fashion. Soft cotton or khadi or even the silk are typical Indian fabrics which are even today quite popular for their durability and finish which remains just as it is for years to come.

Party Wear Sarees Online

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