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Designer Wedding Lehenga: An Actual Need or a Status Symbol

Posted on January 04 2017

The Indian subcontinent is famous for its excellent wedding ceremonies. These beautiful ceremonies reveal customs, rich traditions, and cultural heritage. Females are certainly the most integral portion of these events as they are the ones who enjoy these events the most. As every event requires special dresses, it applies to the wedding ceremony also. The most favored dress for this event could be Bridal Lehenga Choli. These are highly popular due to the fact these offer beautiful looks to the women wearing them. The most significant part of these dresses is handcrafted embroidery. The designers provide attractive designs that are made from the products like sequins, stones, and beads. The artists use these things to make amazing elements along the motifs and on the other areas of the dress. The embroidery designs are very effective in enhancing the charm of the collections.

Delicately stitched heavy long Lehengas joined up with a choli is turning into the ultimate choice of today's wedding brides. The release of lively colors and magnificent fabrics add a rich feel wearing the Subcontinental Lehengas. There is a variety of Indian Designer Boutique available, as they provide all types of Lehenga both in the online and conventional market.

For the best look, you can get a Lehenga Choli that is a fusion of different fabrics such as velvet, satin, net or silk. To add charm to the overall outfit, wear different colors such as maroon and gold, burgundy and silver, and white, blue and copper and, gold, green and silver, among others.

maroon colour raw silk lehenga choli

Designer Lehenga Compared to the Replicated Lehenga

Long cholis are among the coolest difference well-liked by all subcontinental women as well as designers are nowadays. These Lehengas are perfect for any year and give you a different look in comparison to frequent choli designs. These are a tremendous choice for events for example engagement and mehndi events.

When seeing the beauty and attraction designer Lehengas, we see they are very costly comparatively to the normal Lehengas. Normal Lehengas are low cost and you can find them in many gorgeous colors prepare with excellent fabrics. The cut-patch work plays an important part in the designing of a normal collection. The designers use these in to offer a modern touch to their collections. The innovative cuts are supplied so that the collections get the stunning touch. The colors also play an important part in the designing of normal Lehenga collections.

The designers offer their collections in appealing designs, shades, and color to help make their collections flawless and attractive.

Raw silk blue colour lehenga choli

An Interesting Thing to notice About Lehenga

It is about the Provider or manufacturer of Lehengas. In an overall consideration, there are two sources of Lehengas where we can get it from. One is well-known and mostly recommended Designer Lehenga Choli Online and offline both, and the other is the general tailors or garment producer.

The designer’s Lehengas are very high in demand because of their great quality, looks, and brand. While there is possibility for the replicated/normal Lehengas to come up with a high quality in terms of look, style etc.

A designer Lehenga costs about $4,000-$25,000. There is no doubt this is quite a budget for most girls who belong to a middle class family. In a word, the designer’s Lehengas are meant to be mostly for people belong to the upper class in terms of financial condition and they need to think about where they have to spend the money. The expensive Designer Lehenga is not a choice for medium sized families. There are lots of replicated designer lehengas available in the market to choose from at a genuine price range in between $1000-$4000. Wedding is one-time event and even you can’t use the same lehenga for other functions due to variety issues these days. So, there is no point to buy expensive lehengas for just a game of a few hours. But yes there are some families who don’t care about money and the wedding outfits too are the status symbol for them.

Expensive designer lehengas don’t really mean that you will get an amazing lehenga with top quality fabrics and embroidery. In some cases, replicated lehengas are better than the designers’ lehengas in terms of quality and embroidery too. Every person who deals with replicated work would try to give you more beautiful outfits than the designers’ so that he can satisfy you with a price around 10 times cheaper.

Hence, the bottom line is that Designer’s Lehengas have turned out to be pretty much a status symbol for a certain class of people. However, girls, regardless of any class, can look as gorgeous as anyone spending a lot less than what it takes for a designer Lehenga.    


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