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Best Places to Buy Floral Jewelry for Wedding in Delhi

Posted on March 06 2017

Floral jewelry has been trending in the weddings since forever. In fact, it has become sort of a custom for the bride to wear floral jewelry in the Mehendi or sangeet functions. Floral jewelry not only gives a very refreshing look to the bride but also is quite affordable and puts a lesser burden on the wedding budget. However, one concern most brides-to-be face is where to get their flower jewelry made?  Because let’s be honest, floral jewelry is an art which very few people are expert in and hunting for them is quite a tough task. Therefore to ease your wedding woes, we have come up with a list of places which will solve all your floral jewelry related issues.

Floral Concepts by Pooja Batra

This is one of those flower jewelry designers located on the M Block market, GK-1 who go beyond the rose and marigold jewelry and experiment with a lot of other variety of flowers and come up with fun and refreshing designs each time. Their floral dangler earrings are their most popular accessory of all times. Do check them out. They can also make custom designs of your choice so that’s an added bonus!

Floral Jewelry

Anoo Flower Jewelry

This is quite a well-known name in the South Indian wedding fashion scene and they have designed flower jewelry for a number of celebrities wedding including Mira and Shahid Kapoor’s. Anoo Flower jewelry makes exquisite accessories with freshly picked roses and orchids. However, their flower products are a little more expensive than similar other retail brands.

Anoo Flower Jewelry

Ferns and Petals

This brand has revolutionized the whole wedding scene by opening their flagship store at MG road which is dedicated solely to floral jewelry. Whether it is corsages, varmalas, sehras or kamarbandh etc you want, the people at Ferns and Petals know it all. You don’t need to worry about what kind of floral jewelry to wear with your Party Wear Lehenga, even if it is not your wedding you are going to. Ferns and Petals will come with floral jewelry that complements your dress perfectly. So make sure you visit them because they also have some really unique designs and ideas.

Floral jewelry

Florists inside Malai Mandir

This is hands down the most sought after place in the entire city where people come for wedding day flower shopping. There are many smaller shops inside the market who deal with floral jewelry. Among them, Raju Florists and GS Venu & Sons florists are the best. They can almost any type of accessory you want them to make, from headbands to delicate maatha pattis.

Sifti Bajwa Floral Designs

Sifti is a floral décor designer but she is also pretty good in designing floral jewelry for the brides. She is currently is a freelancer so do check her out. Her designs are a combination of unique flowers and color that stand out and elevate the entire ambiance.

Hence if you are looking for a floral jeweler who can design the most stunning floral jewelry to wear with your bridal lehenga or your Party Wear Lehenga then do check out these places in Delhi!




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