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A Guide for South Asian Bride-to-be

Posted on January 24 2022

Congratulations and Celebrations! You are about to get married. Planning a flawless wedding for a south Asian bride-to-be can be a herculean task. But worry not, we are here to help! In this blog, we have stated all the necessities for you as the bride-to-be; from the attires to the hairstyles to the makeup trends- we are here with immaculate tips and tricks to ensure you have and outstanding day! So follow the procedure carefully for a pleasant and stress-free wedding planning experience for the South Asian Bride-to-be.

Comprehensive Guide for South Asian Bride –to-be

Wedding outfits, jewelry and accessories are something that no bride-to-be can keep away or let others take care of it. This is because she becomes so possessive of these kinds of stuff and takes care of every minute thing associated with them until she gets them by her side before the D-day. 

Safe Venue & Decorations

The main thing that requires as much exertion as picking your wedding clothing is finding down the ideal setting. The South-Asian Wedding industry is quite possibly the most dynamic industry, and great venues will generally get pre-booked beyond time. Along these lines, one of the main things you really want to place in your list is to track down a perfect venue and adorn it accordingly. While picking a venue, something significant to know is the number of visitors you are expecting, as this will assist you with narrow down the quest for a venue. Assuming you are arranging an intimate wedding, you can either have an open air garden wedding at home or benefit proficient administrations of a scene for places, like farmhouses, horse shelters, open woodlands, and so on. It is smart to look at online reviews, sites, and pictures of settings before really discovering them personally. 
Safe Venue & Decorations


Wedding Outfit

In an overwhelming best part of weddings, brides' dresses are chosen to supplement the wedding's unique colors feel and not to forget the style. Your wedding dress also referred to as the wedding outfit, is considered a necessary ritual to get married. Whether a registered marriage or a lavish wedding, the most courtesy is paid to these outfits. 

Wedding Outfit

Suppose you have to choose your wedding lehenga for yourself that requires way too much attention. Hence shopping timeline is crucial for shopping for a bridal lehenga. Any brides-to-be should start looking for their lehenga 6 months before your wedding. Never try before 6 months prior due to change in trends. However, you can also take as much time as you want in these months but make sure to finalize your piece 3 months before your wedding. Yes, you heard it right. If you are looking for a hand-crafted bridal lehenga, it has to be finalized before 4 months. 

Your bridal lehenga will take at least a month to get ready and then followed by entire trials and fittings and, of course, your Jewelery and accessories, which is again a time-consuming process. Wouldn't you go crazy if you start doing all this just a week away? However, due to Covid, the disease of uncertainty always keeps the luxury of extra time as you never know what situation will be next. 

Shipping these days has become longer due to Covid, and on top of all that, trials and fittings also take time. Thus, it is advisable to have that luxury of time.


Once you are finalized with your wedding outfit, the next big thing is the selection of your jewelry. South Asian Brides are very fond of jewelry and creativity as options are opulent. However, if you have chosen your jewelry already, don’t forget to keep that in mind while selecting your bridal lehenga. Your pre-decided jewelery will assist you in deciding your lehenga colors and the suitable fancy neckline of the blouse. 

If you require any customization in your jewelry, it has to be done 3 months earlier to have peace of mind.  

Bridal Makeup & Hair

When your outfit has been settled, you should start the course of your wedding look. First, search for the best makeup artist in your city, offering tests and preliminary meetings. It is a significant task for the bride-to-be, and you should be on the point with the look. Thus, tell you’re makeup artist regarding your outfit, tones, and differentiation so they can arrange the wedding look as per your requirements.  
Bridal Makeup & Hair

Your makeup and hair artist requires being available, and you require knowing he/she knows what you are dressing up with and your individual preference too. Also, confirm that the makeup and hair artist is available for the functions of the wedding with accurate color and dress to hair styles you are comfortable with and which suits you the best. In this way, it is very wide to pre-book the best bridal makeup and hair artist. 

Also read about tips to choose the right bridal lehenga choli for monsoon wedding.


It is very essential to check up with the photographer and his idea and concepts, if you require extra supports and discuss with him out as well as the venue. 


Last but not least! It is a very long journey from planning to D day, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun. You are finally getting married to your love, and it is one of the most significant occasions of your life. Take a good time to enjoy these moments, as they will never return. Sooner, you will be boarding on an exciting new inning in your life, and we at PanacheHauteCouture wish you the very best of luck and hearty wishes for imminent nuptials.


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