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7 Essential Things to know Before you Choose your Bridal Lehenga

Posted on April 09 2020

Are you heading out to grab your bridal lehenga? Selecting your dream lehenga is a herculean task. However, while you look out for that gorgeous wedding outfit, below mentioned are some essentials you must keep in mind. Take a deep breath and go through this significant guide on how to go about it efficiently and even make the experience stress-free and fun draft. In this blog, we are dishing it all out for you, here are 7 bridal lehenga secrets for the gorgeous bride-to-be. Go through this note and take notes for yourself. So, wind up all the babble, have patience and scroll through these essential top tips to select the perfect Lehenga.

Select the Outfit Yourself

Well, weddings in India have a conventional custom where bride’s relatives or groom’s family present the wedding attire. However, you need not contempt the tradition, make sure that you accompany them for shopping. ‘Too many cooks spoil the dish’ therefore make sure you are there with the selected few. The best thing you can do is, listen your mind and heart, rather than all the advisors from relates, friends, elders, friends who recently got married, etc. When your lehenga matches your presence, you goanna feel happier when you wear it and obviously look more stunning! Therefore, you should go and always select self-preference over social pressures.  

bridal lehenga


Never finalise your lehenga before checking the dupatta as it plays a vital and impactful role on your wedding photographs. It is your dupatta and the blouse that is seen in almost all the pictures; therefore, it becomes more essential part when buying your bridal lehenga. Check and verify your dupatta’s border, inner lining and more importantly it’s colour ensuring it is not a dull shade as it is going to be draped over your head. Make sure a bland one might play a spoilsport, therefor you should go for a contrasting colour or a matching dupatta.  

Recognize your Body and Skin Type

While a particular trend or style may be in vogue, it may not be your style. Several styles will make you look elegant, highlighting your curves and hiding your desired areas. Thus, it is all about recognizing your body.

The colour palette of your lehenga may be a combination of innovative trends as well as single choices, for the outline details of your attire like the shape of the lehenga and blouse style and colour should be confirmed exclusively based on your skin and body type. Well, if you have sensitive skin, eradicate fabrics that can cause skin irritation. For the lehenga and the blouse styles, your selection should be such that complement your figure. You can also buy a tailormade Bridal Lehenga Online today as you may get many options on the internet. Nevertheless, be careful and select authentic bridal attire sellers when you book your essential dress for a special occasion.

Match Your Lehenga to Your Jewelery and Add-ons

It is an advisable and wise suggestion to purchase your lehenga after you have bought your jewelry. In such a case, if you do another way round, then you got to buy a necklace to apt the pre-decided neckline of the blouse and the colour. And, this is not going to be easy for you to find a piece of identical and matching jewelry for your lehenga while the other way around is easy and hassle-free.

Don’t Forget to try Before You Buy

Do not get awe-struck by a precise lehenga and make a spontaneous buy. As said, all that glitters are not so gold, in the same way, what looks mesmerizing under those store lights might not look that perfect on you. Therefore, always try your lehenga before you buy it. This is the perfect way to decide if the colour and the incredible work of the bridal lehenga suit your persona. 

Style & Colour of the Bridal Lehenga

Several designers come up with a new style every day. Indo, Indo-western, fish-cut, ruffles, A-line, and many beautiful lehengas. If you are talking about the skirt of the lehenga, you should go for comfort rather than the style. You should take into consideration that you would be able to sit in the outfit for hours. In this case, you should opt for silhouette only if you are sure that you would be very comfortable in it for long hours.   

While red is one of the ultimate choices of most of the brides, there are numerous other beautiful colours available in the market and online stores. Do not miss them to give it a try and select the one that brings out the best in you. Select for the colour that counterparts your persona, and that complements your skin tone.

Avail the Best Deals

Wedding is not a daily-affair; it is ideally once in a life-time event and must be given the impressive ambiances surrounding Indian weddings. You may be tempted or bound to spend a considerable sum on your wedding lehenga. Well, it is good to be a savvy shopper. You can look around different online stores and compare prices, check out for the sale period. There are more chances of availing the best deals and lucrative discounts during these times. Thus, buying bridal lehenga online is always an incredible way of saving big funds.

These simple secret tips will bring the bride-to-be a lot closer to their bridal lehenga. You can also share your wisdom and advice and assist the soon-to-be-brides in purchasing their dream lehengas.

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  • Rema Kamra: March 02, 2021

    Nice post! When purchasing a bridal lehenga, it is essential to go to an Indian clothing store to select and try it before finalizing it.

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