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Let's Take You Inside Jacqueline Fernandez’s Wardrobe

Posted on April 01 2019

Jacqueline is a fashion diva who can rock anything from the dramatic couture to super casual looks.

As we enter the first stirrings of the summers, the actress has given us a perfect opportunity take a look at her cool summer collection that will leave you stunned and inspired. From investment pieces to high staples, the actress' wardrobe choice seemingly reflect her sunny personality with the flirty silhouettes. Strategic pleating, flouncy puff sleeves and dramatic ruffles - you can find all of it in her fashion rulebook, often served against the backdrop of summery pastels.

The Diva has the capability of turning heads while taking a few steps from her car to the Airport. She has unapologetically turned for thigh-high slits, denim-on-denim, dramatic white sneakers, puffed sleeves, mini skirts and everything a flirty-funny girl can think of. Her finishing touch comes with equally playful accessories such as sling bags in ombre colour palettes, and luxury drawstring bags as part of her travel wear.

The actress never shy away from making a statement with her red carpet looks as well. Her looks, no matter red-carpet or casual, always carry a sense of drama and the reflection of her playful nature. 

Let's have a look at most stunning looks from Jacqueline Fernandez wardrobe.


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