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6 Most Useful Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Posted on March 01 2019

Who said wedding!! Well, this word is enough to get the ladies excited especially if you are the bride to be. As a bride one of your first thoughts will be your wedding dress. Choosing the right dress is a huge part of your big day and will set the tone for the whole wedding. Your dress speaks volumes about who you are, your personality and your style. It is important to start planning your wedding dress early and ALWAYS set a budget and stick to it - it is easy to get carried away. Here is our guide to getting started.


1. Start looking at dresses you like

The best places to begin your search are bridal magazines and on the internet. You may have some ideas already in mind. Either way, build up a wide section of dresses that you like, for instance, you may like lace gowns so build up a vast array.


2. Pick favourites

You now need to start narrowing down your selection. If you like the lace gowns, eliminate others first and the others that you maybe don't like as much. Try to find your favourite 5 and take it from there.


3. Make an appointment with a wedding specialist

Once you have picked your favourite designs you need to go to a store to look at what they actually have on offer. Remember to take your images with you and tell the shop what your budget is. This may reduce your options further but that isn't a bad thing. Never try a dress that is over your budget as this can lead to frustration. You should take those people who will play an important role in your wedding, your mother, bridesmaids and so on with you. This is likely to take most of the day so be prepared.


4. Where appropriate underwear

You will be trying on dresses so wear underwear that will be similar to the day for your wedding. During your appointment adjustments will be made to the dress so you need to wear something similar to what you will on the big day. Taking a pair of shoes to what you plan on wearing is also advisable. If you are allowed, take photos of the dresses when you are wearing them so you can look back on them. This will help you to make a final decision.


5. Don't just stick to your comfort zone

Don't refuse suggestions from the assistant just because they are different to your favourites. You need to trust the consultant - they will have done this dozens of times and they may suggest something that you are pleasantly surprised by. Communication and trust are the keys to get exactly what you want so tell them what you like and don't like as well as the reasons why.


6. Extras!

If you are unsure which dress suits you best, ask the assistant to try on a veil, headpiece or jewellery so you can get a better idea about how you are going to look. The accessories often sway a bride's decision one way or the other so it is important to give them a try. Remember, colours are important and if the dress you try isn't in ivory for example, why not ask, they might be able to order it!


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