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Vivah-Season 1

Thanks for showing your interest in the Vivah-Season 1 

Panache Haute Couture's journey is of 7 years now and soon we are coming up with our Premium Collection. Thank you very much to be a part of our journey.

We understand that there are so many Brides and Grooms whose dream is to wear expensive Designer Attires at their Wedding but they can't afford. This contest is our small initiative to give smile on those faces.

There are three categories of Attires - Wedding, Reception and Sangeet. You can apply for all three categories but you have to submit three separate forms for each category.

Charges: $10 per application per category.


Why Charges Involved: We don't want to waste our time to scrutinised fake application, that's why we only charge a fee of $10 which is equal to a cup of coffee with a muffin.


Contest Process:

Application deadline- 1 February 2018

Confirmation email - 4-5 February 2018

Once we are free from the confirmation email. We will start scrutinised process. Scrutiny will be on the basis of the Couples Story, Short Video Review about the contest and more importantly their need and financial status. We will upload winners Story, Video Review on our website after the result.

Management's decision is the final decision about the winner.

Result Declaration - 28 February 2018

Wedding Outfit Delivery - Starts from Mid of April 2018.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Submission form should be duly filled and with valid contact details and identity documents.

2. If you win one category you will be disqualified from other two categories automatically. 

3. As a winner, you are bound to with the following

a) Our online session with our Designer's so that we understand your needs and colour preferences to design your outfits.

b) One video clip when you get and unpackaging the outfit with your and your families expressions.

c) One Video clip of the wedding which should be minimum of 10 minutes.

We would really appreciate if you pass this information to the person who really deserves this offer.