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Contemporary ethnic wear gains popularity in India

Posted on December 05 2013

Contemporary ethnic wear or Indo-western wear – a more relaxed, contemporary and modified take on traditional Indian outfits – is gaining popularity among India’s youth. With an impressive line up of clothing meant for different purposes and occasions, the contemporary ethnic wear brands are dominating the retail scene in pretty much all the metros and tier II cities today.


Nowadays, people prefer to dress according to different occasions, so dressing is no more restricted to just shirts, trousers or suits. We have ethnic formal, casual and occasion wear and there is a good percentage of consumption in each and every sub category. These sub categories cater to various kinds of requirements, for example formal and casual can be worn both at work and home and the heavier ones at occasions like festivals and weddings.

Our country has always maintained a parallel wardrobe of its classics because they are more colourful, in sync with the climatic and cultural conditions of the traditional Indian society, and definitely more flattering to the Indian figures as compared to western outfits.



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